The Dangers of Cyberstalking

Sure, you have heard the saying, “There’s a fine line between love and hate.” I wager that all men and women can relate to that situation. You may even regret the situation and look back with anguish. However, anyone with the drive to continue looking forward will work through it.

When you keep moving forward, it’s like taking out the trash. It is liberating and opens doors for future possibilities. You’ve found the right opportunity, and the change is remarkable. For some, the change can be too much. Often those people have been victimized through stalking or even cyberstalking, and their personal lives have been destroyed a little at a time.

The question of all questions is what do you do when you know that you are being cyberstalked? What if the stalker is in a different state? Moreover, how can you guarantee your safety while you are online? Whom do you call?

Most of us do not or wouldn’t know what to do. Why do we not know more about laws related to cyberstalking? We are concerned about other crimes, so why not this one too?

Stalking has progressed and become something even more menacing through the internet. To be a stalker on the Internet Highway you have to cross some boundaries into the unknown. Why would someone be crazy enough to start watching, or even communicating with someone, through his or her Internet activities?

There is not one type of cyberstalker. Some choose their victims randomly while others stalk their ex-husbands or wives and ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Another cyberstalker could be someone you met online and with whom you went on a few dates. How about your supervisor at work or someone following you on Facebook? Today we are so busy writing “post worthy” statuses that we take the chance of others knowing our schedule.

Could someone reading this article be a cyberstalker? Any experience could trigger an emotionally unstable man or woman to start cyberstalking. There is not one type of perpetrator. So what is the objective of an internet stalker? Can we really know the answer?

Often the cyberstalker will continue their ways until the victim files charges. They are obsessive and will torment someone into obeying their requests.

Often these stalkers have been hurt emotionally. They are so concerned with their pain that they do not see the damage they cause. They will learn everything about you. They will start stalking friends, family, and others. They will steal a person’s mind, their heart, or even their adolescence.

Often the law is not very helpful in the matter, especially when the cyberstalkers identity is a mystery.  If you are ever a victim of cyberstalking, the essential step in solving the situation is not hesitating to make a report to the local police. Give the cops as much information as possible. Take screenshots, messages, and other material that points to cyberstalking. You should also report anything you do know about the stalker, like an IP domain or a photograph. Keeping a log of every message of all of your interactions with the cyberstalker is a must. Ask about a restraining order. You might want to talk with your state’s FBI Computer Crime Unit.

If you have the stalker’s IP, address you can probably find out their internet provider. Call the provider and report the address for harassment.

Additionally, if you know that the cyberstalker is using a work computer or other property to cyberstalk, you can use that to your advantage. Let the company know what is being done to their assets and during their working hours. A business never wants to be associated with cyberstalking.

After you’ve solved your cyberstalking problem, change the information you put on the web. Make it difficult for the stalker to find you again. Update your passwords consistently and maintain a low profile when using social media. There was once upon a time when we lived without interacting through the web! Move forward and try to forget the emotional turmoil you’ve been through because of this person. By doing this, you are not only stopping the stalker but removing the control they have over you.

About Sabrina Ford

I attend the University of Phoenix followed by field of study in Bachelor of Science in Communications (In Progress), 4.0 GPA . I am also obtaining a Master of Science in Psychology (In Progress), 4.0 that will specialize in Sexology.

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