Firearm possession always results in fatal domestic violence and acclaimed voluntary manslaughter. On April 1st of 1984, remains unforgettable in the memory of Soul Lovers’ fans. Marvin Gaye Sr. has committed the unthinkable one, in the family home. This man shot his son Marvin Gaye Jr, a musical iconic worldwide known, with a firearm which he was licensed to own for family protection purposes.

Gaye Jr., award-winning for his track, Sexual Healing, died at California Hospital Medical Center an hour after the shooting. This murder was not an isolated case in the United States’ Homeland Security’s records. But as awful as this incident sounded when the news struck Americans, the thought that this would be the end of it was not far fetched.

What are the reasons why they would attribute free access to firearms to American people?   Household security, they would say, it is a part of an American’s fundamental right; many others would claim. But for what purpose could this right be? While the rest of the world might perceive it as the right to defensively obliterate the life of another disguised in the form of household security. In recent time, unfortunately, it is becoming easier for average American to purchase a firearm in the store than asking for a Johnny Walker products within a bar.

Constraints to controlling the sale of arms

In an article entitled “America’s Complex Relation with a gun” published on June 22, 2017, in the Pew Research Center“, About three-quarter of gun owners (74%) say this right is essential to their sense of freedom.” Later in this article, it is revealed that 30% of Americans own a firearm. But it doesn’t stop there. Another 11% live in a house with someone who owns at least one gun.

To get weapons in the US, all you need is money. Your mental state or crinal history doesn’t matter. It is not essential for the seller to know what you are going to do with your weapon. Some sectors have even advocated this right. Let us take the NRA to illustrate this fact. This association brings together firearms producers in the United States. It considers the control of the sale of firearms to be a restriction on American rights.

Many  U.S governments in the past have tried to limit the sale of guns. But they are always careful about the second amendment of the U.S constitution. They recognize the right of Americans to own the weapon. However, this right must be subject to maximum control. For this purpose, the background check would be crucial. This research allows them to find out if this buyer is not a criminal or a madman. The last attempt at regulation has happened during the democratic presidency of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the Lobbies are too powerful; the vote to impose a background check on gun buyers did not take place.

President Trump and arms control

The NRA has found a great ally in the White House, the American head of state. At the convention of the association of arms dealers, President Trump personally went to the conference to support them. So, the issue of regulation has become an electoral matter. For this reason, some politicians do not hesitate to flatter the people’s deep instinct to get elected. It is the case for President Trump. He prefers arming teachers instead of compelling background check for gun buyers. According to him, it is the best way to eradicate mass shooting at school.

A firearm with empty bullets on the ground/image from Pixabay

The background check in the U.S

Guaranteeing the right of millions of Americans to own weapons is a constitutional right. However, protecting the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people from murderers is a natural and lawful right. It is a moral duty that must start from a background check for anyone who wants to buy firearms. Is this not the least we can do to reduce the suffering of American families? You can’t sell a gun to a madman, a terrorist, or merely a narcissist, whose only objective is to make the headlines in the press.

Consequences of liberalizing the guns trade in America

According to the Gun Violence Archive from January 1, 2019, to July 7, 2019, 220 cases of mass shooting took place across the United States. Also, 28,108 incidents related to weapons held by civilians, causing the deaths of 7411 people, including 333 children aged 0 to 11 years, and 1471 adolescents aged 12 to 17 years. However, the availability of firearms has a direct consequence of the increase in armed violence. There is no doubt about it; the more chances of you owning a gun, the more likely you are to use it. Even if you are not attacked or in a position to defend yourselves, you may create opportunities to make it happen.