The Emmy 2018 nominations are out, and now it’s time to readjust a few predictions. Here is a list of the nominations for several categories.

Now first I will admit I haven’t seen every single episode or performance of each show that was nominated for an award this year, but I am confident that I have seen the shows and performances with the most buzz and highest chances of taking an Emmy home on September 17.

Let’s start with best drama series. Last year The Handmaid’s Tale won this award, but maybe only because Game of Thrones wasn’t eligible. The medieval fantasy series’ latest season premiered in July last year, after nominations were due and announced.

However, I think The Handmaid’s Tale will defeat Game of Thrones this year. Season two of The Handmaid’s Tale is brutal, but just as good as the first season. On the other hand, the seventh season of Game of Thrones is not its best, though still a great season of TV.

Another reason why the best drama award will go to The Handmaid’s Tale is because the TV series will win in the supporting actor/actress categories. My bet is Joseph Fiennes will beat both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Peter Dinklage for the award. And Yvonne Strahovski will beat the previous winner Ann Dowd and Lena Headey to win best supporting actress in a drama.

Meanwhile, the best comedy series award will go to Atlanta for its phenomenal second season. I also predict Hiro Murai of Atlanta will win an Emmy for directing the “Teddy Perkins” episode.

One show that could steal away the best comedy award from Atlanta is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The show’s mainstar Rachel Brosnahan is a near guarantee to win Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. I also see Amy Sherman-Palladino winning for writing the show’s pilot. Tony Shalhoub who is a supporting actor in the show could win, too, but honestly I have no certain picks in the comedy actor categories.

For the Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category, my prediction is Betty Gilpin to defeat Kate McKinnon, who has won the award for the past two years. Alex Borstein has a fair chance as well, but Gilpin is the only person from GLOW to receive a nomination (a little shocking).

This may be the award that Emmy voters want to give to GLOW, which also just had its second season. Gilpin continues to be phenomenal on the show.

Both lead actor/actress categories for drama are very competitive. Right now I’m going with Jeffery Wright (Westworld) to take the gold. He plays his character Bernard, robot host pretending to be human with much complexity.

However, Michael Rhys has always been great on The Americans and the show just finished its final season. This is the time (the last chance) for Emmy voters to honor his dynamic performance.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series is also a tossup. Elisabeth Moss did win last year, but this year she is more threatened by Claire Foy and Keri Russell.

This year will be the last year Emmy voters can award Claire Foy for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II, for a new actress will play the role in the third season, which takes place many years after the second season.

I think the biggest threat to Moss, though, is Russell, for the same reason Rhys might win Lead Actor in a Drama Series. This is the last time Emmy voters will have the chance to honor The Americans, which has been consistently a great show throughout its six seasons.

The Americans has only won awards for the guest performance by Margo Martindale. At least two of its lead actors should win an Emmy. It would be surprising but great if both did.

The series finale also has a writing nomination, so maybe that could be where it takes gold. The biggest shock and least likely to happen would be The Americans winning best drama series.

Emmys will be awarded on September 17.