Fashion conscious people with an affinity for Gucci can rejoice because the luxury-Italian brand recently made their Dapper-Dan collection available worldwide.

A tribute to 80s and 90s hip-hop style, the collection features Gucci’s signature aesthetic with the Harlem designer Dapper Dan’s bold-expressive embellishments. The Dapper-Dan collection features street-style apparel pieces and accessories for men and women ranging from jackets, bombers, denim, pants and sweatshirts to sneakers, jewelry, socks and backpacks.

A self-proclaimed street hustler and maverick, Dapper Dan born Daniel Day got his start selling clothes out of his car until he opened his own store on 125th Street in Harlem where he styled his customers in unique counterfeits of branded items like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. In an interview with Gucci, the designer emphasized how he observed each customer before they even walked into his shop. He was conscientious to minuscule details like whether they came alone or with friends since he notes, those details affect how customers wear their clothes. His eye for detail and his entrepreneurial skills gave him a mass following that spilled over into a clientele of hip-hop stars, street legends and athletes. Today, Dan’s collaboration with Gucci revitalizes the Harlem designer’s early beginnings with modern styles.

To commemorate the new collection, Gucci opened a new storefront in Soho along with a press release explaining the opening and the collaboration, “In homage to the culturally rich artistic heritage of SoHo, Gucci is collaborating with icons that have transcended the passage of time and align with the Houses’ distributive spirit.”

The collection is offered at select stores and online at

Featured Image via Gucci