Hollywood gender discrimination
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Alyssa Milano set off #Metoo on Twitter in 2017 to fight a predation system. Within Hollywood, powerful men had often used their leadership position to make actresses suffer sexual assort, harassment, and sexism. Very followed in the US, and worldwide, for the time being, there 19 million people who are noted to have already tweeted about #Metoo.

A hidden face of sexism

Today, #Metoo opened a new look of sexism.  So far, we thought that this concept concerned only some specific social categories. Even Tarana Burke,  the American activist, founder of the movement in 2006 believe that these unpleasant situations affect black women and girls especially, as well as other vulnerable young women with low socioeconomic backgrounds. However, that could also affect white, educated, and wealthy women in Hollywood. Nonetheless, the perpetrators of that misconduct are noted to be famous, rich, and supposedly literate males.

The  repercussion of this phenomenon around the world

Far to be an isolated case, this cry of revolt, has spread on social networks like a trail of powder. Thus, women are no longer ashamed to voice out their suffering. They say openly to the world, what they suffered as they perform on their jobs. This was also a way to let survivals of this phenomenon know that they are not alone. Most actresses, sometimes, express their “disappointment” and “resentment” of the acts in the world of Hollywood.

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The way to attribute the main characters in the past

 A long time ago, they assigned the roles to the sublimate characters such as white, sexy, and mostly young. We finally understand what the motivation of their choice is. The selections are made in accordance with how your potentials prey for the predatory men.

In an interview published on the website of Wrap magazine, Maggie Gyllenhaal expressed her bitterness. The 37-year-old American actresses said she was turned down recently because she was too old to play the heart of a 55-year-old actor. Notwithstanding, she is an Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, they discriminated and judged her like an object. It could be inferred that her looks are not fresh enough for sexual harassment and assortments.

Age discrimination

Age is another form of discrimination that hurts Hollywood’s reputation. In 2013,  Olivia Wilde was only 29. The casting directors denied her the opportunity of featuring as DiCaprio’s wife in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” She said this happened because she wasn’t young enough, reported Voici, a French online Magazine.

“The funniest thing I’ve heard about me recently, she declared that I was too sophisticated for a role. I thought… Oh, that’s nice! I did not have the role, but I am a sophisticated person.” (…) “Then I knew they meant ‘old’,”  Olivia revealed at Howard Stern’s microphone, after the movie casting. She believes that she does not qualify, not for lacking the talent to play the role, but because she was too old at 29.

Systematic discrimination

The American Civil Liberties Union has often protested. They think that the disparity between the number of male and female directors in television and cinema is too huge. They even see that as “a systematic failure,” asking the public authorities to investigate.

The #Metoo impact

This movement has broken an irrefutable chain of oppression which powerful men, in the movie industry, have long time used to exploit innocent women working under their supervisions. It offers the way for women to achieve their dreams in Hollywood, not for their attractiveness but because they are intelligent and talented.

From now actresses are colleagues for men in that industry,  and no longer decoration subject or delicious fresh flesh, that incites to consume.

The fight for total freedom is not over. But the path is drawn to discourage predators from their acts; to promote gender equality in the society.