The Complaints are increasing against the gambling companies

Gambling has always remained a game of fortune for many and it is one of the oldest practices that humans have indulged in even after knowing the possible risks associated with it. It is a well-known fact that gambling either builds you up or breaks you down. People mostly get addicted to the game after a few initial wins and put everything at stake to further the process. This desperate attitude often results in loss of the last penny for many. But, the addiction to gambling companies hardly leaves such is the intensity of the game.

The Huge Rise

The gambling industry is quite a substantial one in terms of spread and volume. Sometimes, even after a win, the players fail to get the sum won and this is when the complaints take place against the firms that were supposed to make the payment. The number of such complaints has increased considerably over the last few years. The volume of complaints as found by BBC Panorama amounts to an overwhelming figure of 8266 in 2018 as against an ignorable number of 169 in 2013. Gambling Commission has confirmed these numbers guaranteeing the authenticity of the statistics.

The Good Aspect

The chief executive of Gambling Commission, Mr. Neil McArthur explained that several complicated reasons have contributed to such an abysmal rise in the number of complaints. Besides elucidating the results, he also mentioned that this swelled up the number of complaints can otherwise be a positive indication for the gambling market. When more people ask for their claims from the firms, it also means that the volume of gambling has increased. In other words, more people are getting involved in this practice every day. Since the total number of participants is increasing, so is the number of complaints.

The Misfortune

The underlying problem of gambling is that it always comes with a huge risk of loss and hope to win the next time that compels the players to continue even after losing the last penny. Amanda (alias name) is one such player who has staked everything that she had for gambling. She admitted the fact that when she was about to lose everything in gambling, instead of restricting the betting attitude, she sold her property to take the final step towards becoming rack rented.  All that she had to offer her children as ancestry is now gone and her children hardly have anything to inherit.

Extreme Situations

Another example of such misfortune is the case of Daniel Clinkscales who committed suicide when he ran out of resources to put for betting. He died at the age of 35 and was a gambling-addict for many years.  His family members also did not know much about this trait of his. Though he had a decent job and was a intelligent, successful, and clever person, the habit of gambling claimed everything from him at the end. If the government comes with regulatory acts and steps to control gambling and provide for a solution for those who face problems while claiming their winning sums, the industry would be in a better position to thrive.