Facetune effects

Facetune is a photo-editing app, which enables the users to enhance their body features, like reshaping their noses, covering grey hairs and refining jawlines. The app was developed around six years ago. However, it became so popular that it became Apple’s most paid app of 2017. It is still quite popular, despite the strong competition.

Many investors know about the importance and power of Facetune. That is why Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing and ClalTech just gave $135 million to Facetune’s parent company Lighttricks. The event was held at a post-money valuation of $1 billion. All the investment firms, which invested in the company, are getting Facetune in the deal and much more.

Lighttricks is located in Tel Aviv and has around 260 employees who support six products in three different divisions. It also includes Facetune. Another product of the Company is Enlight. It is a line of photography and editing tools that makes editing and photography easily available to amateurs. The startup has also introduced an enterprise-focused brand called Swish. It is a marketing video editor that helps companies tell their journey and promote their products, through ads.

Each separate division comes with meaningful mind sharing. The co-founder and CEO of Lighttricks, Zeev Farbman, has clarified that there have been around 180 million downloads in the paid apps and the downloading just costs $3.99. The company also started to offer subscription layers to its premium users, since 2015. Due to this, the total subscribers of the Company have increased. According to Farbman, Facetune has over 1 million subscribers; Swish also has around 1 million subscribers. Add these two to the Enlight subscribers, and you get over 3 million subscribers combined.

According to Farbman, the Company is creating more subscription-based content-creation apps. However, they may come after some time. Farbman also adds that other developments may take some time. He also explained that Lightworks is working on different things that will be available after two or three years.

So far, the company has faced no major controversies, unlike FaceApp. However, there have been some minor issues from time to time. For example, people have accused Facetune of taking the whole face-painting thing too far. Chrissy Teigen, a celebrity model, tweeted her displeasure regarding the app. She said, “Due to this app, I don’t even know what a normal skin tone looks like. Every person seems like an oil painting.”

People have also criticized the app regarding body image issues. Farbman was also asked about this. However, he said that he built the app to show that image processing can be powerful. He adds, “Around 10 years ago, people didn’t know that the perfect images they see on magazines covers have gone through a photoshopping process.”

The Facetune users have also complained about the second version of the app. People didn’t know that when they updated the app, they lose some important features that were available before. You need to subscribe to continue using the additional features.

Lighttricks and its backers and the three million subscribers think that the awesome products of the Company compensate for the monthly expenses. However, the expenses vary depending on the feature the user wants to unlock.

Farbman studied computer graphics, computational photography and computer vision. However, he gives all the credit to his amazing and hardworking team.

Farbman, along with his four Ph.D. friends were shocked when Google bought the photo-editing app Snapseed. Therefore, Farbman and his friends decided to make a bigger platform for content creation.

They worked hard and made their first product, Facetune. Afterward, they introduced Enlight. By 2015, the company’s total revenue was around $10 million. However, Farbman knew that they could do better than that. So, the Company started offering subscriptions and it multiplied the revenues of the company.

Lighttricks latest donations make the overall funding to $205 million. Farbman states that they will use this funding to make newer and better tools.