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It has been 50 years since Nissan introduced its first Z car. Now, Nissan has introduced the 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th anniversary edition. Although it isn’t as fast as a sports car, the 370Z has a sports car appearance. Let us review the different specs and features of the car.

Market price and Release:

Nissan has just released the 370Z at the New York International Auto show in April 2019. This car pays special homage to the Datsun 240Z, which won multiple championships. That’s the main reason that the 370Z has a sport-like appearance.

Regarding the price, Nissan 370Z is available in three different forms. The retro-package with six-speed transmission costs around $34,000. The 50th-anniversary special edition costs 36,500. However, the most costly one is the seven-speed transmission, which costs around 37,500. When compared to its competitors, Nissan 370Z isn’t expensive.

Engine and Performance:

The Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition comes with a powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine. The engine gives a massive muscle to the car. It has a 332 horsepower and produces 270 lb-ft. of torque.

Nissan 370Z has a valve event and lift technology. It has good fuel efficiency, which reduces emissions. Its torque curve is also quite broad. The car also has high tech and lightweight components with carbon driveshaft; it helps the engine to move at a quicker pace.

The six-speed manual transmission has an easy front and rear-padding shift for comfort. It gives the car better movement and precision. The steering wheel is also quite easy to rotate. This make the handling of the car quite easy. Therefore, you don’t have to lower your speed too much while turning.


The exterior of the 370Z is just like the original BRE version, and it is available in two different colors. One is silver with black accents and the other one is white having red accents. The car has two signature stripes on sides, a painted hood, and side pillars. There is also a thin line, which runs from the headlight all the way to the rear glass. The car also has 19-inch alloy wheels and a front fender.

The 370Z is mostly noted for its sleek profile with high-intensity xenon headlights, and a daytime LED running light. The front bumper has an aggressive but classy look. The taillight with flared fenders gives the car an athletic look.


On the inside, Nissan 370Z contains an instrument panel along with a full-length console between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. This design introduces the layer concept, with a holding layer, an information layer, and an operation layer.

Nissan 370Z also has leather covered four-way power seats with lumbar support, and unique graphics and stitching. The dark chrome accents are present in the interior, along with special plates having a Z logo.

The information layer provides easy access and good overall visibility. The gauges are present alongside a steering column. The design of the steering wheel is such that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the speedometer. A 50th Anniversary logo is also present on the tachometer, which adds to the interior beauty.

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The Nissan 2020 370Z hasn’t been tested for crash tests. However, it has many advanced features, which focus on increasing visibility, improving handling and tackling unfortunate situations.

Some advanced safety features of the car include electronic brake distribution system, anti-lock braking system, vehicle dynamic control system, head restraints, and front and rear seat airbags. Another astounding feature of the car is the seat belt sensor, in which the airbags and seat belts inflate, according to the severity of a collision.


Nissan 370Z 50th anniversary edition has it all. The car has breathtaking interior and exterior features. The sports-like effect of the car makes it even more attractive. Therefore, if you want to move with style, you should buy the Nissan 370Z.