ISIL In Africa
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Poverty, unhealthy economic conditions, lack of education, and deteriorating law and order situation are the driving factors of any terrorist organization. Terrorism rises in countries where state laws are unable to protect citizens. Now, these factors are behind the rise of ISIL in Africa. 

When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, the region became a haven for terrorism and sectarian violence. Fall of big Arab giants like Gaddafi and Saddam also paved the way for terrorism in the area. After the action of international and regional powers, ISIL started vanishing in Iraq and Syria. Currently, ISIL does not have strongholds in these countries. However, analysts think that any political vacuum can refuel the organization. 

Despite its ouster from the Middle East, ISIL is still a threat to other parts of the world. Analysts are pointing at the rise of ISIL in Africa. It is gaining strength in the unstable Sahel region. The Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISGS) is emerging as a big threat in Africa. It is issuing membership and carrying out attacks in African countries. Many reasons are prompting the rise of ISIL in Africa. 

Most of the countries in the Sahel region are facing lawlessness, lack of democracy, poverty, ethnic violence, and other governance-related issues. Furthermore, the people of this region always remain under threat of being attacked by some armed groups. All these factors are providing fuel to ISIL in Africa. United Nations Food agency claims that Burkina Faso will become another Syria in the coming years. 

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. For the decades, it has been struggling against the economic and political dilemmas. However, terrorism was never a significant threat in these countries. However, in 2015, Al Qaeda and ISIL entered the country. The cultivated the poor economic conditions of the country and formed strongholds in many parts of the country. 

ISIL has killed hundreds of people in the country. Similarly, ISIL managed to recruit the youth, which is already sick of unemployment and poverty. 

The terrorist activities force about five million people to leave their homes. Now almost 30 percent of the country is an active war zone. Schools and colleges are also shut down. Now thousands of students are deprived of education. In November 2019, some insurgents targetted the workers of Canadian gold miner Semafo. In the deadly attack, 35 workers were killed and more than 50 injured. No group claimed responsibility. But security experts believe that ISIL was behind this terrorist activity. 

Al Qaeda and ISIL are interested in the gold mines of the Sahel region. International Crisis Group (ICG) claims that ISIL and Al Qaeda have been occupying the gold mines since 2016. They are using these gold mines to finance their operations and to manage local recruits. Now Burkina Faso has become a haven for Al Qaeda and ISIL. Desperate youth is joining ISIL. 

Similarly, insecurity in Mali also paved the way for ISIL to enter in the country. In a recent attack, more than 50 soldiers were killed by an ISIL attack at a military checkpoint in northeast Mali. The terrorist activities have become a routine at the Mali-Burkina Faso border. 

Similarly, Niger is also struggling against terrorism. Mali-Niger border areas are stuck with terrorist activities. In May 2019, more than twenty Niger soldiers were killed by an attack claimed by ISIL. 

ISGC is gaining roots and strongholds in the Sahel region. The lawlessness in the Sahel region is the driving force behind the strength of ISGC and similar groups. Security experts fear that ISIS may form a new caliphate in Africa. 

The international community must take serious actions to prevent the rise of ISIL in Africa. It is the right time to empower Force of the Group of Five (FC-G5S). This group maintains connectivity among Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, and Chad. This group was formed at countering human trafficking and other cross border illegal activities. Moreover, only powerful and pro-democratic governments can counter the rising strength of ISIL in Africa. 

If the international community does not take concrete measures, the Sahel region will become another Iraq, Syria, or Yemen. Thousands of people will try to escape to Europe. Few will reach there, but most of them will die in sea or refugee camps. It is the right time for the world to stop ISIL in Africa. 


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