Raids on Immigrants in USA is causing troubles for legal workers
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As the immigration crisis continues in the USA. The American authorities have also started raids on immigrants. The US immigration officers have arrested more than 600 workers in Mississippi. Most of the arrested persons were Latinos, and they were working in meat processing plants. The raid on immigrants was concluded a few hours before President Trump visited El Paso, Texas. Trump visited El Paso to condole with the victims of the shooting incident. A man linked with the “Hispanic invasion” has been arrested on charges of shooting. El Pas is a majority Latino border City.
The executive director of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Angelica Salas showed concerns on these raids. She said that on one side we are trying to unify the American people, while on another side Trump administration is separating families of immigrants.
President Trump took a hard stance against the immigrants. He has also labeled South American immigrants as criminals. About 600 officials took part in the current raid against the immigrants in Mississippi. Experts opine that the raid was planned months ago and authorities were waiting for a suitable time.
Mike Hurst is US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi. He claimed that this raid was conducted to maintain the rule of law in the state. He further argued that such raids will help spread the writ of the state in various districts of South.
In Morton three buses were filled with the workers. One bus was for females and two for male workers. These all were taken into custody at a Koch Foods Inc Plant. The arrested people were taken to a military post to process the violations of immigration laws.
Workers who showed that they are working here after a legal process was allowed to go after agents checked their vehicles. Workers showed concerns on this raid. Here it must be noted that Mississippi is the country’s fifth-largest chicken producing state. Most of the chicken processing jobs are filled by Latino immigrants. Employer prefers Latino immigrants because they demand fewer wages. Koch is one of the largest poultry producers in the USA. It has its plants in Mississippi and other states of the USA. The company did not comment on this raid.
Matthew Albence is the acting director of ICE. He claimed that these raids are the largest in a single US state. He further claimed that these raids have nothing to do with the Trump’s visit to El Paso. He maintained that these raids on immigrants are part of an ongoing campaign against the illegal workers and are completely based on strong shreds of evidence. He further mentioned that the companies hiring illegal workers will be fined and will be brought under the tax net. Document and wage frauds will also be interrogated.
On the other hand organizations of immigrants, rights raised concerns over these raids. Bill Chandler is the executive director of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance. He termed these raids as terrible. He claimed that these raids on immigrants are an attempt to throw Latinos out of Mississippi. He further claims that Trump administration is spreading racial bigotry against the immigrants.
No matter who is right or wrong, but it is a fact that illegal migrants are causing troubles for those workers who are working under legal obligations. The local population is also facing job shortage due to an increased influx of illegal immigrants. The US authorities must ensure that no legal immigrant should suffer due to the raids on immigrants who are working illegally in the USA.

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