Flag of Yemen - Photo via pixabay.com

The current Yemen crisis is about 8 years old. It is one of the worst crisis in the world at this time. This article will give a comprehensive view of the Yemen crisis. This article is based on complete research on the Yemen crisis. It covers the reasons, current situation and future perspective of this crisis.

Yemen is the poorest country of the Arab world. It is facing a dire famine, war and also a rising threat of Al Qaeda. Many experts are emphasizing on Saudi-Iran cooperation on the Yemen crisis.

The entire economy of Yemen is dependent on labors who work on foreign lands. It is ninety-nine percent population is Muslim. Out of this sixty-five percent belongs to the Sunni sect and thirty-five percent belongs to the Shia sect. The most powerful group of Shia population is Houthi tribe. The Houthi tribes live in the northwestern part of Yemen. While the Sunni population lives in Southeast Yemen. These two groups have a history of animosity counting from centuries ago.

The current war of Yemen was started in 2011. The Arab spring landed in Yemen when people took to the roads against Ali Abdullah Saleh. Mr. Saleh was a dictator who ruled Yemen for about 33 Years. Mr. Saleh opted for resignation and transferred the government to vice president Mr. Mansoor Hadi. However, Shia tribes were unhappy with this transfer of power. They believe that Shias were not given proper representation in the new government.

2011 – Yemenis protesting against the then-president Ali Abdullah Saleh – Photo via wikimedia.org

The Houthi tribes started an armed struggle against the government of Mr. Hadi. In 2014 Houthis occupied the capital, Sanna. With the Saudi help, President Hadi managed to escape from Yemen and took asylum in Saudi Arabia. Now He is running the affairs of Yemen from Saudi Arabia. The center of Mr. Hadi’s government is a coastal city, Aden.

The Government of Mr. Hadi controls the Aden and Southeastern Yemen. The Government of Mr. Hadi has the clear support of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Senegal. While France, the USA, and the UK also, directly or indirectly, support Mr. Hadi’s government. Saudi Government also wants the support of the strongest Muslim military of Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is providing training to Saudi troops. However, Pakistan is still away from clear military backing to Saudi Arabia.

Hajjah Province, Yemen. Tuesday, October 25, 2016: The Majara camp for displaced Yemenis, north of Abs, in Hajjah Province, Yemen. More than 20,000 people who have fled northern Yemen due to intensive bombing by the Saudi-led coalition have settled here, where they have struggled to build shelters and find enough food. Many of them had been displaced before and moved from another camp after it was bombed. (Photo: Tyler Hicks)

At this time most of the areas of Northwest Yemen are under control of Houthi rebels. The most important of these areas is the seaport of Al-Hudaida. This is the seaport from where Houthi rebels receive foreign aid. This aid is both financial and war machinery. Saudi Arabia blames that Houthis receive aid from Iran. According to Saudi military experts, this aid ranges from small rifles to short-range missiles. However, Iran rejects these allegations.

Now the army of Yemen is trying to get Al-Hudaida port back. Al-Qaeda is taking advantage of this civil war. Al-Qaeda has established its strongholds in the South and East  in Yemen. Al-Qaeda is also fighting against the Houthi rebels. Iran accuses that Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda are supporting each other in this war.

A charity advertisement for Yemen Crisis – Photo credit wikimedia.org

A UN report states that more than ten thousand people have been killed in this war. While more than twenty million are facing famine. Saudi led airstrikes are also causing trouble for the Yemeni population. Many hospitals and schools have been targeted in Saudi led airstrikes. Doctors beyond Border has decided to pull out of Yemen due to bombing of hospitals. Yemeni population is facing an acute crisis. People of Yemen are watching towards the world and UNO to help them in this crisis.

This was all about the situation of Yemen this time. Yemen has been facing a shortage of foods, unavailability of health facilities and uninterrupted bombings. The only way forward of this crisis is a negotiated settlement between President Hadi and Houthi rebels followed by a complete withdrawal of foreign military aids. Neighbors of Yemen, mainly Saudi Arabia and Iran can play their role in a long term peace process.