Thousands Demonstrate Against Israel Coalition Deal

Israeli protesters oppose Benjamin Netanyahu persisting as prime minister as he is accused of corruption.

protests against israel coalition deal

Hundreds of protesters came out to demonstrate against the unity government agreement in Israel, which leaves Netanyahu as the Prime Minister as he prepares himself to go on corruption charges of bribery and to ask for favors from media.

Israeli protesters are against Netanyahu remaining in power, primarily because of corruption charges he faces. The trial has been delayed many times, first because of the uncertain three elections in a year and then the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The new Unity agreement was signed by Blue and White’s Benny Gantz and Lucid Party’s Netanyahu. Protesters say that the agreement gives the power of appointing judges and other important legal officials to Netanyahu, which is “crushing the democracy”.

They also carried placards describing him as “crime minister”. Many people feel that Netanyahu will use his influence in the government to escape from the corruption charges.

The trial is scheduled for next month, Netanyahu will face charges of breach of trust, fraud and accepting bribes. Though the longest-serving Prime Minister has denied any wrongdoing and baled his opponents for political engineering.


Protesters gathered in Tel Aviv and maintained social distancing as per the guidelines for public safety by health authorities. On Saturday, the famous Rabin Square was filled with protestors wearing face masks. They were also holding Israeli flags and signs calling out Prime Minister for corruption and bribery.

According to the police officials, hundreds of protesters participated in Rabin Square demonstrations. Meanwhile, the local media and social media users claimed that there were thousands of people in the protests Netanyahu.

Israel Coalition Deal

The country held three elections in just one year. No major political party could win most Knesset seats to form a government. The former Chief of Israeli Defense Forces, Benny Gantz, has been a staunch critic of Netanyahu.

In the last two elections, he refused to join hands with Netanyahu. Primarily because of his involvement in corruption, but since the March 3 elections, the situation has been different in Israel.

After weeks of negotiations, the two parties signed a power-sharing agreement on Monday. The coalition suggested that the step was taken to form an emergency government and help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Political experts see this as a victory for Netanyahu, who has been struggling to stay in office for the fifth time amid corruption charges as his party will gain power in electing the supreme court judges, which could help him if his case goes to the apex court.

However, the Israel coalition deal requires the signature of both parties on important appointments, including the state prosecutor and attorney general.

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