Tiger Woods, once the most dominant golfer on the planet had another chapter added to his downward spiral today as he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Florida this morning. No details were yet available on his blood alcohol content but this is not the first car-related incident that has put Woods’ career on hold. Indeed, a 2009 car accident is what started his downward spiral in the first place as it allowed for knowledge of his infidelities in his marriage to Elin Nordegrin to leak out into the public sphere. Also since that accident, Woods has not added to his 14 Major Tournament wins which in sum include four wins at The Masters, (which he did not play in this year due to injuries), Three U.S. Opens (his last major tournament win was there in 2008), three British Opens, and four PGA Championships. Because of this lack of success over the past ten years, repeated back injuries, and incidents such as this DUI the man who was once looked at a sure bet to pass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 Major wins is now relegated to a celebrity sideshow.

Maybe this analysis is unfair and there is a chance that Woods will change and once again reemerge as the greatest golfer of the 21st Century. However, analysts have been waiting for that moment for ten years and at this point a better question is not whether or not Tiger will make a comeback but whether or not he will have the sense to retire. He is no longer skilled enough to warrant top-level attention as anything more than a sideshow or a media circus, his body is breaking down as this article is typed and the Professional Golfers Association may decide to discipline him for this latest incident, and maybe this will not help Tiger Woods rediscover his short game, but it may help Tiger Woods the human, regain some semblance of control.

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