TikTok may lose major influencers due to lack of payment plan

  • Stars of the widely popular video application YouTube and TikTok are seeking to begin getting money for the videos their videos.
  • TikTok can select a group of creators to earn money through tipping in live streams.
TikTok about to lose major influencers
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Stars of the widely popular video application YouTube and TikTok are seeking to begin getting money for the videos they produce.

Creators on YouTube get money from the number of views they get. However, TikTok doesn’t offer any money from views currently, according to Javi Luna, a creator on TikTok, with about 4 million followers.

TikTok, for the most part, does not help or provide a way of making money through its platform. Creators can get brand and sponsorship deals for their posts. However, TikTok plays no part in helping them to secure these deals.


How Creators earn on TikTok

TikTok a video streaming platform
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TikTok can select a group of creators to make money through tipping in live streams. However, this doesn’t provide cover for the part of the application with the most popularity.

The platform could find it difficult to keep its top talents around because of the lack of monetization.

TikTok creator likes Brendan Robert, who has close to 3 million followers on the application and does direct fans to their accounts on YouTube.

This is because this is where they can earn money easily.

Presently their ads are on TikTok, but none of them are directly on the video of the creator, so this means the creators don’t receive a cut of the money like on YouTube.

Making money in TirTok is not easy because its videos don’t are longer than 60 seconds. This means that putting a long ad before them would destroy the fast-paced experience of the platform.
Presently the company is looking at different opportunities to create value for the brand partners of their creators.

They are also making sure there the TirTok community has a great experience. Although the coming of programs similar to AdSense is not yet known.

Right now, the creator of TikTok is relying on various other ways of making money. These include brand deals. Several various talks between people in the industry point towards TikTok being in support of allowing native advertising to keep its creators.

This is, according to Jacob Pace, the CEO of Flighthouse. Making money directly on the platform is an essential aspect for TirTok to consider if they want to keep their creators on the application. There is a fight where the top creators on the platform will land. At the center of the battle is being able to compensate people financially.

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