Top 10 Fascinating Destinations for New Year Celebrations



best destinations for new year celebration

2022 is all set to bid us a bitter-sweet farewell in a few days. When the sun of the new year arises, it gives birth to enormous hopes. We all believe in new year’s supremacy and that’s a reason why all of us love to celebrate its arrival. 

Top 10 Best Destinations for New Year Celebrations 

Every year, when the holiday season reaches its climax, the new year is all set to embrace us. Well, the new year has a specific magic attached to it.  This explains why we all want to explore the best of it. Places are made worthy by people and there are some places which have a particular style when it comes to embracing the new year.

As we move to the end of this year, the ideas of spending your last bit of holidays rejoicing for the new year are doubling up. 

There are a lot of places which are known for their zealous celebrations, but we have specifically created a list of the best destinations. These destinations have a history of spreading joy, excitement, and the colour of positivity with their new year celebrations.

So, hold your seatbelts tight because we are going to provide you with a fascinating list of the top ten destinations famous for their new year celebrations.

Sydney, Australia

If you want to see a scene right out of a Disney movie, book your tickets straight for Sydney. By now, the entire world knows that new year celebrations begin with the colour expressed in Sydney. The fireworks on the top of the historical Opera House of Sydney are a sight which is unforgettable. In fact, over the years, a large number of tourists have started getting attracted to Sydney in the last week of December, especially near the Sydney harbour. 

One reason behind this is the colourful parties which are a must in every club and restaurant in Sydney. Secondly, the pomp of fireworks is so commendable that it remains matchless. Perhaps, the best in the whole world. That’s why international media all over the world goes gaga over these amazing fireworks which welcome the new year right at midnight. 

New Year Celebrations
Source: @the.australian

Dubai, UAE 

If I ask you all about naming one place which has acquired the status of a national vacation destination for the whole world, what will come to your mind? I believe that it’s Dubai. Dubai is an art in itself. From all those wonderful museums to the beautifully constructed man-made islands, this land offers you wonders at every step. 

Being the home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, Dubai has set new standards when it comes to offering perfect new year celebrations. Right in the last week of December, you find the colours of the new year filling up the nooks and corners of Dubai. When the midnight clock gives the message of the arrival of the new year, the colour of the new year spreads right at the entire Burj Khalifa. With the amazing clock timer to a series of fireworks and lightning, Burj Khalifa gives its viewers everything they have ever expected for an amazing new year. 

New Year Celebrations
Source: @dubai

Paris, France

If you talk about tradition and beauty, I will interpret it as Paris. Well, one must agree that the Parisians know the art of creativity. From creating amazing fragrances to organizing exceptional new year celebrations, this city remains unbearable. If you are thinking about an ideal Parisian new year celebration, then you are going to enjoy it in the best French tradition. Well, on New Year’s Eve, there’s a lot to do in Paris. 

You can go to watch the New Year opera at Palais Garnier. If you have those Disney dreams, then visiting Disneyland in Paris is a great idea on New Year’s eve. Waiting for the clock to strike 12 might take ages but you can spend that time creating new memories at Madame Brasserie right on the Eiffel Tower. When the clock announces the arrival of the new year, relish yourself by watching the amazing fireworks at the top of the Eiffel Tower while cruising in the mighty Seine. 

New Year Celebrations
Source: @cheapoair

London, United Kingdom

Ah! Those Regency England vibes are the best. If you are in London at the time of Christmas, then you are having the best time of your life. Because in London, you won’t only get some wonderful Christmas surprises, but this city is going to bless your eyes with New Year Vibes. 

Right at the top of the London Eye and the mighty bridge over the Thames, you can find those New Year lights sparkling with their ultimate glory. On New Year’s Eve, every historical place in London gets a new makeover with the help of amazing fireworks. It seems very appealing to find London Bridge harmonising with the Tower of London. Amidst these traces of history, fascinates modern art. So, get your cameras set while you are vacationing in London on New Year’s Eve.

New Year Celebrations

New York, USA

It is said that the wonderful city of New York has something for everyone. This city comes in different shades. If you talk about it being a hub of art, then from its theatres to cinemas it’s going to unravel surprising presents. The colours of this city are beautified in the way it houses economics, music, fashion and aesthetic vibes altogether. Being in New York on a New Year’s Eve means being there at the New Year’s Eve Ball at the Waterfront Crystal Ball located at the heart of the city. Yes, you guessed it right. 

The historical Times Square gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the arrival of the new year in its embrace alongside thousands of others. Together, everyone counts down to the final moments of the arrival and when the clock strikes 12, the atmosphere is so wholesome that you start believing in the power of chanting magic. This is pure New York and that’s how the simple countdown turns into a grand event of welcoming the new year. 

New Year Celebrations
Source: @newyorkmarriottmarquis

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Las Vegas, USA

All of us are hardcore Hollywood fans. If you have seen much of Hollywood movies, then it would occur naturally to you that Las Vegas holds the status of the party place for the entire USA. Located on the coast of Nevada, Las Vegas is known for its gaudy parties and innumerable casinos where the party keeps on going all day and night. 

When it’s the time of the new year in this grand place, the hotels and casinos get themselves ready for an entirely new look to welcome the new year. The most amazing thing is that you won’t find fireworks specified on a site here, but every casino and hotel arranges fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the new year. That’s quite a sight to behold if you are in Las Vegas while having your party boots on.

best new year destinations
Source: @rafapantaleon

Venice, Italy 

Named after the Roman goddess of beauty, this city is known for its subtle and architectural beauty. When the time of the new year drifts closer, the spark of this city is distinct. St. Marque’s Square is the place where the festivities of the New Year begin. The amazing golden fireworks at the square take everyone back to the Roman beauty. 

If you are planning to go to Venice for an amazing new year experience, you need to make some exceptional choices along with this majestic square. The Avanspettacolo Theatre Restaurant lets you enter the world of traditional Italian cuisine with a luxurious experience. If you are a fan of operas, then going to Scuola Grande di San Teodoro is the best option on New Year’s Eve. This is because this time welcomes some of the best musicians of Italy and Venice who are raising their symphonies in the air of Venice. 

best new year destinations
Source: @markusranalter

Tokyo, Japan

If you are thinking of having family time these holidays, Tokyo is the best place this year. Tokyo is not just an urban capital of Asia, but it is also a place bringing the comfort of home. This year, Tokyo is going to celebrate the new year in its true vigour. All thanks to the amazing Aqua Park. Well, celebrating the new year in the company of aquatic life can be a different and interesting experience. 

This year, the park management is arranging a new year countdown which is going to be one of a kind. Besides, Disneyland resort and the Kasai seaside park are some fantastic places to explore on New Year’s Eve alongside your family. All thanks to the traditional food carts located nearby Kasai that one can relish the taste of typical Japanese cuisine.

best new year destinations
Source: @aquapark_official

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Whether it’s the talk about Christmas celebrations or New Year’s, Edinburgh always remains in our good books. The best part about this city is that it knows how to adore the hundred years old traditions.

As the last week of December approaches, Edinburgh is illuminated brightly with the vigour of the New Year. If you are in the city during the hour of zeal, the Grassmarket is the best place to visit. The fireworks celebration which begins right over here extends to the main Edinburgh Castle. Besides, the local markets appeal a lot with their keepsakes of New Year. There is an entire show of colour and light in the vicinity of culture there in Edinburgh. 

best new year destinations
Source: @castlesofscotland

 Berlin, Germany

No one can celebrate New Year better than the Germans. There are innumerable options to explore the spirit of the New Year while you are in Berlin. The grand fiesta at the landmark site of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate announces the arrival of the new year with an amazing display of fireworks. 

So, as you are in the city during the daytime, you can check out the colour and pomp at the Pearl hotel. Well, right after witnessing the colour at the Pearl, gusting Spree Palais Alexanderplatz can introduce you to a fine dining experience. Ritter Butzke is also a sight to behold at the arrival of the new year.

best new year destinations
Source: @abcnews

Final Thoughts

New Year celebrations mark the commemoration of hope and new resolutions. Of course, this is a time that comes only once a year. So, don’t waste the precious opportunity of blessing your memory by visiting some of the most fabulous destinations as presented in this list. Well, what counts in the end are the positive memories and sprints of joy accumulated through a place. 

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