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Once again that time of year has arrived when you are supposed to become all set for the festivities. Preparing long lists for gifts and decor can be a bit too tiresome, but the real struggle is to look for exciting Christmas destinations to get the best of the magical Christmas experience.

Well, it’s true that Christmas is all about the spirit and joy which isn’t confined to places but people. Yet, there are some magical destinations where the real magic of Christmas is felt in its brightest colors. There is a certain kind of uniqueness attached to these destinations which attract people from all across the world and forces them to step forth into a world of merriment and Christmas joy.

So if you are looking for a perfect holiday destination this year, this blog is exactly meant for you because we are going to mention some magical places located all across the world.

12 Perfect Christmas Destinations

The Vatican City, Rome (Italy)

No one else can match the spirit of Christmas more than the city of Jesus. Being a pilgrimage site and the hub of the Catholic Church, this city sparks differently during Christmas. The church of the great Apostle Saint Peter becomes a center of attention at Christmas time while the midnight mass allures the eyes and ears. The city is all decked up for the celebrations. You can find hot cocoas, roasted peanuts, and cakes all the way in the city and the grand Christmas tree at St. Peter’s Basilica adorns bright.

Best Christmas Destinations
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Bethlehem, West Bank (Palestine)

Nothing can be a better destination to celebrate the birth of Jesus than the place where Jesus was born. Bethlehem is credited to be the birthplace of Jesus and it attracts mass attention during the days leading to Christmas. The celebrations and the midnight mass at the chapel of St. Catherine enhance the spirituality associated with Christmas. The best thing about Christmas over here is the celebration of people right at night in Manger square. Wandering in the ancient alleys and carrying the joy of Christmas in this city is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Best Christmas Destinations

New York Times Square, New York (USA)

If you are a New Yorker then you must have an idea about life in New York City, especially during Christmas. Every year, masses turn to the central square of this amazing city which is all decked up with lights and giant Christmas trees. There are Santas distributing gifts among the children and people sharing old jokes with new wines. The color of Christmas is not only dominant at Times Square but throughout New York City, you will find every shop and diner all dolled up for the festivity and some really amazing Christmas carols are performed on mobile stages as well as on Broadway.

best Christmas destinations
Source: Times Square

Prague, Czech Republic

If I tell you about the history of this ancient city, I would definitely need a separate blog on that, but right now let’s talk about the Christmas feelings associated with this baroque city. The grand Nerudova street gleams with the joy of Christmas where hundreds of small and giant Christmas trees welcome tourists from all across the world as you are in Mala Strana. The glory of Christmas is incomplete without a walk to the Old Town Square which reflects some really historic architecture with a blend of fairy lights and flowers.

best Christmas destinations

Vienna, Austria

Ever heard of funky Christmas? Vienna city has to offer you that. This cute little city becomes an extraordinarily perfect destination for a family Christmas vacation. The best thing about the city is the ancient Roman architecture which then mixes up with the French, and you find grand chapels and churches all over the city. The craft of the city is one of its kind and you get to find many Christmas-related gifts and specimens in the street shops and ancient markets. Besides, you can have as much mulled wine over here as you want to enhance the spirit of the holidays.

best Christmas destinations

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Santa Park, Lapland, Finland

Some people love it all white on Christmas. If you are in favor of a Snowy Christmas, then you must check out Santa Park in Lapland. Lapland is an amazing place for those who love the Red Oldie in his traditional attire with cute reindeer, a giant Christmas sack, and of course a perfect sleigh. This can be a perfect holiday destination with your children because everywhere you move, you will find Santas spreading joy with lots and lots of Ho! Ho! Ho!

best Christmas destinations
Source: Nordic Adventures

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city of sunsets, which is already known for its amazing evenings and enormous cyclical surprises, becomes somewhat different during Christmas. This city of Vermeer is adorned with giant Christmas trees and all the ancient architecture of the city resonates with its magic. The fireworks at Dam Square are too damn perfect to be ignored. If you want an aesthetic Christmas holiday, this is the city for you.

best Christmas destinations

Berlin, Germany

Berlin might be developing as the tech capital of the world but when Christmas comes, it’s painted in the colors of red and White all across the city. The most interesting thing in this city is the classical Christmas plays and carols which are performed every night prior to the day of Christmas. Plus, the celebrations of Christmas Eve in the diners over here give a new vibe to your holiday spirit.

best Christmas destinations

London, England

When we are talking about the best Christmas destinations in the world, how can one forget the city of Dickens? This is the city about which Dickens has written most of his Christmas carols. So, the color of Christmas over here is unique. You get to find the historic Oxford Street lit up with bright Christmas lights and on the farther corners, one can find the gleaming London eye. Plus, the spirit of Christmas is even dominant in Madame Tussaud’s where the museum gets the color of Christmas. There are ice skating competitions, and Christmas fairs and the markets open up till late at night where one can find Christmas-themed chocolates, hot cocoa, and some majestic Christmas carols performances too.

Oxford Street: best Christmas destinations
Source: Faraway

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you want to see the buzz of Christmas on the roads, Edinburgh is the ideal place. This historic city of castles enjoys the spirit of Christmas when the modern Christmas adorations deck up its alleys. The most amazing thing about this city is the amazing Christmas discount on the keepsakes attributed to the holidays. If you plan to visit this city this year, then the best idea is to keep some money in hand because there are going to be some Christmas gifts that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to give your friends some amazing Christmas surprises.

Christmas market in Edinburgh: best Christmas destinations
Source: Visit

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Dublin, Ireland

Our list of amazing destinations is incomplete without the magnificent city of Dublin. You get a perfect Irish taste by being here at the time of Christmas. The best part about spending your holidays here relates to the buzz of Grafton Street. When that time of the year knocks at the Irish doors, this place is the first one to be embellished with sparks of joy. This is one of the most amazing places during Christmas especially on Eve when there are hundreds of tourists wandering and basking in the joy of Christmas. Also, don’t forget to grab your hot chocolate from Butlers as you check out some amazing Christmas keepsakes from the Powerscourt Shopping Centre.

Christmas in Dublin: best Christmas destinations
Source: The Telegraph

Paris, France

There is no match for the Parisian Christmas. Parisians are known for their etiquette and refined taste. Christmas becomes a time when their taste is reflected in the adoration of the city. You know well that Paris is regarded as the city of lights, so Christmas over here becomes a special time of the year when Palace Vendôme gets a new soul with hundreds of amazing lights.

The Parisians love cafés, and Christmas brings new attire to all these cafés. You can have exquisite Christmas wine in one of them or on a crisp winter night, coffee is a fine idea. The best part about the Parisian Christmas is the presence of hundreds of cute horse carousels which not only highlight the typical Parisian culture but also attract tourists. Furthermore, December is a great time to visit this city of elegance if you are fond of ice skating with some amazing Christmas surprises.

Christmas time in Paris: best Christmas destinations
Source: Disney Tourist Blog

Final Thoughts

Holidays of the festivity come once a year. They are a time to rejoice and make amazing memories. Turning the trivial chapter of your life can bring a lot of change to your mood as well. What can be a better time to bring this change than Christmas? So, this year if you are thinking of making your holidays special by visiting some amazing Christmas destinations, then don’t forget to add these 12 fascinating places to your travel list. Rest assured, you are going to make the most of this jolly season.

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