The new Android Q beta has finally been released. It contains a number of additional features in comparison to the previous android versions. The Android manufacturers have really pushed the boundaries with Android Q beta 3. Let us delve into the various specs and features of this android version:

Dark Theme:

The latest Android version features a proper dark theme without having to activate the battery saver mode. This dark theme has been introduced to increase battery life. You can use this theme on a variety of different apps, by activating it in the settings.

Although this dark theme is a huge step forward, it isn’t compatible with all Android devices. For example, mobiles like the Mate 20 Pro, Nokia 8.1 and Essential PH-1 don’t have the dark theme feature. Therefore, your android beta experience will be different depending upon your mobile model.

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In the previous version, you had to scan a QR code to share Wi-Fi. In Android beta 3, along with a QR code, you can also access a Wi-Fi code.

You have to unlock your mobile to activate the code. You also can’t just copy and paste the code. Overall, it’s a good feature when have lost your router password.

Improved Gesture Controls:

Another great feature of Android Q beta 3 is the enhanced gesture controls. In this feature, you won’t have to use the triangle, circle, and square at the bottom of the screen to switch between windows. Instead, you can swipe through different window tabs. A great aspect of this feature is that it isn’t set by default. You can turn it on or off in the settings, as you like.

To use this feature, just flip up to go to the home page and swipe on the right edge of the screen to go to the previous page. You can swipe right or left, to switch between your applications. Although it is an amazing feature, you will have to get used to it.

Live Caption:

The previous Android versions had the caption feature, but you had to find it. However, Beta 3 has a live caption option just below the volume control rocker on the phone. You can open your photos and give any live caption you want.

The amazing thing about this live caption feature is that you can use it for any output. This means that, other than putting a caption on photos and videos, you can also put captions on podcasts and audios.

Smart Reply:

The Smart Reply feature is a big step forward. Through this feature, you can reply to messages from your notification alert without actually opening the messaging app.

This feature works with every app. You can send quick messages and share addresses through SMS, by using other apps, like Google Maps. Google has assured that they won’t share this information with anyone.


You might be thinking that when Google knows everything, where is the privacy. This latest android version is a deviation from this. For example, it will allow obtaining a certain app’s location only when it’s open on your screen.

There will also be a new section in the settings, known as “Privacy”. Many different kinds of settings are present here. These also include different google settings. You can easily access those settings here without hunting them down individually. There is also an app permission option, from where you can choose the data types you can give access to and deny whichever you like.

Battery saver mode turns off:

A great feature of this mobile is that the battery saver mode automatically turns off when the battery reaches 90%. The battery saver mode will be activated again when the battery becomes quite low.

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Google knows that if they constantly work hard, ‘the sky is the limit’. They have proved this in the latest Android Q beta version by introducing breathtaking new features. Let us wait and see what amazing features Google introduces in the next Android versions.