Tracy Chou launches Block Party to combat online harassment, abuse

Block Party is present only on Twitter, and the company filters the content which they don’t want you to see.

Block Party

Block Party is an anti-harassment startup that helps people be safe on social media founded by Tracy Chou, which started today. Currently, Block Party is only available for Twitter. The company wants to filter out the content they don’t want you to see.

Chou stated, “We really think that it’s important to think that these people exist.” If you pretend like they don’t exist, you might miss useful information.

She stated, “There is good stuff that is lost here. There is a reason that we use platforms like Twitter. Recently, Twitter explained why it banned President Trump.

President Trump

” On the negative side of things, you might need to see if someone is challenging your physical safety.”1

Helpers have a big role in Block Party. You can simply access the block folder to know if there’s anything or simply block the trolls.

She stated,” It is quite easy for people to help the process and flag something that is a big concern,” she said.

The Lockout Folder also serves as a record-keeping in the event you need to present your harassment to a lawyer or company.

Chou said, “It’s really about trying to make people’s easier. It’s quite painful to see abuse again.”

Chou said, “There’s that perspective of being on the inside and seeing how things work. However, being a DEI activist and seeing how the lack of representation on teams has impacted the decision for the worst.”.

Although the Block Party is there only for Twitter users, the goal is to add other platforms. It will help folks address the harassers that target them across multiple platforms. Block Party is free, however, the company plans to introduce subscription tiers. Still, Chou stated that the free version always exists.

Until today, the company has raised around $1.5 million in funding. Its pre-seed round was led by Charles Hudson of the Precursor Ventures. Other investors in the company include Ellen Pao, Alex Stamos, and Ellen Pao.

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