10 Most Needed Travel Essentials – Can You Guess No. 2?

Despite all of the swimsuits, dresses and heels that are probably stuffed in your suitcase, there are still some important essentials that you must keep on hand while traveling. By now you probably have packed an outfit to wear each hour of the day. On top of all of the outfits you have packed, there probably has been some consideration of taking another suitcase just for shoes. While the shoes and clothes are neatly packed, you check to see if there is still some room for jewelry. To your surprise there still is some room so in comes a truck load of jewelry.

After countless decisions on what to take and leave, you now have a calendar worth of outfits chosen and neatly packed away, however you are still missing something. What is still missing is the essentials. No matter how stylish your outfits are, if the rest of you is not polished it won’t be believable. So you may want to unpack or at least start editing what has been packed. Because you will need a little more room for what is about to be added to the mix, and these things are more important than matching earrings to heels.

Take some notes on essentials from the shopping list below.

Cosmetic bag– This is an item that every girl should have on her packing list. There is so much versatility that comes with a cosmetic bag. It can be used not only for cosmetics, but also jewelry and other items.

Cosmetic bag-StyleFT

Toothbrush– Make sure that upon each new destination you pick up a new toothbrush. Bacteria lingers and can cause bad breath. So, beware of that old toothbrush you have laying around from last years trip.


Soap– Try to pick a soap that has some versatility in usage, meaning it can be used to clean more than just your body.


A Fresh Clean Towel-Whether you purchase a new one just for the trip or want to rely on the linen that is stocked at the hotel, always carry a fresh pair of towels with you.


Blanket– For the long ride to your final destination, this piece will keep you comfy and cozy.


Sleep Mask– To keep the sometimes bright lights out of your eyes.

Sleep mask-StyleFT

Slip on Shoes-There are times when a woman must rest her feet and slip on shoes that should give her feet a big break.


Pillow-There are some awkward positions for resting when you are traveling. Make sure that no matter where your head ends up, it is nicely rested on a plush pillow.


First Aid Kit– For unexpected emergencies this kit should include anything you might need to stay on guard. It can include feminine hygiene products, sewing needle and thread, double sided tape, buttons, etc.

First Aid Kit-StyleFT

Hat– Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean your hair should be. Take cover with a nice hat.



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