Trump impeachment: Senate trial delayed until next month

On Monday, the House of Representative Democrats will send the charge of “inciting instruction” against the former president to the Senate.

Trump Impeachment: Senate Trial Delayed Until Next Month
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Under a new agreement reached between Senate Republicans and Democrats, the second impeachment trial of Trump will begin next month. On Monday, the House of Representative Democrats will send the charge of “inciting instruction” against the former president to the Senate.

However, until the second week of February, giving Trump’s lawyers more than two weeks to prepare for the defense. Democratic congressional leaders have accused Trump of inciting his supporters to force their way into the US Capitol. The unusual chaos resulted in as many as five fatalities, including a Capitol police officer.


Last week, the lower chamber of Congress paved the way for the second historic impeachment by charging Trump for the January 6 violence in Washington, DC. His trial comes exactly a year after the Senate acquitted him on the charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

On Wednesday, Trump left the White House on Air Force Once as his term in the presidential office ended, snubbing his rival’s inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, his speech near the White House ahead of the Capitol violence is at the heart of the case against him.

On Friday, the Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said that the lower chamber of the US Congress would deliver the articles of impeachment to Senate on Monday. While speaking on the floor of the upper chamber, Schumer said that the Senate will conduct a complete and a “free trial.” During the trial, the Democratic impeachment managers will act as the prosecutors.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell stated that he glad that the Democrats had agreed on giving the defense more time. This comes as earlier on Friday, President Biden also stated that he would prefer a later impeachment trial, arguing that the government should spend more time on solving the immediate crisis.

Although the Democrats hold a thin majority in the Senate, they would need as many as 17 Republicans to convict Trump. So far, only five Republicans are expected to break the party ranks. When the trial begins, Trump will become the first former president to be tried by the Senate, and if found guilty, the lawmakers could vote on bearing him from assuming any public office.

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