Trump Inciting Violence, Says Georgia Eection Official

In a fiery statement, Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, said: “It’s all gone too far! All of it! It has to stop!”

Trump Inciting Violence, Says Georgia Eection Official
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A Republican election official from Georgia has said that the incumbent will bear the responsibility if violence erupts because of his unsubstantiated claims of irregularities in the November election. Gabriel Sterling said in a surprising statement that “it all has gone too far.”

Meanwhile, at the Trump campaign team’s request, the officials in the state are recounting the ballots for the second time. Earlier, President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner with a narrow lead. Tim Murtaugh, the spokesperson o the incumbent’s team, said that they were trying to make sure that illegal votes are not counted.


This came after the announcement made by the US Attorney general William Barr, in which he said that the investigations conducted by the Department of Justice had found no evidence to substantiate Trump’s claims of irregularities in the polls.

While talking to a news conference in Atlanta, Sterling, who is Georgia’s voting systems implantation manager, rebuked the claims made by his fellow Republicans, including President Trump. He further added in Gwinnett County, which has recently become the center of the conspiracy theories, an election contractor was receiving death threats.

Sterling said that he also has a police guard outside his wife as the Secretary of State in Georgia was also getting “sexualized” threats on her phone. He urged the incumbent President and the Republican senators to publicly condemn such acts and language against the election officials.

The election official from Georgia further cited several threats of violence against Chris Krebs, the former US Cybersecurity official, who was fired last month by Trump after refuted his claims and said that the 2020 elections were the safest in the American history. Sterling condemned the statement by Trump’s lawyer, Joe DiGenova, who stated that Krebs should be confronted at dawn and “shot.”

Trump responded to Sterling’s tweet but did not mention his concerns about potential violence; instead, he repeated his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and irregularities. Meanwhile, a lot of conspiracy theories around the fault in voting machines and other forms of rigging are taking momentum in far-right constituencies, which experts say could also trigger violence post-results.

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