Trump-Kim meeting
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Experts believe that the chances of third Trump-Kim meeting in this year are very low. The leaders have already met twice this year. After the collapse of Trump-Kim meeting in Vietnam, the North Korean leader said that he was waiting for decisive steps from the USA. In June 2019, Trump-Kim meeting took place at Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This DMZ divides South Korea from North Korea. It was the 2nd Trump-Kim meeting, the first was held in Hanoi Vietnam. However in these meetings both the sides failed to reach an agreement. Some defense experts believe that third meeting can be held because Trump claimed after the DMZ meeting that both sides are agreed on continuing discussion.

In June President Trump claimed that they (Trump and Kim) have developed a good relationship and this relationship will solve the decades-old problems of the people of the Korean Peninsula. However, the talks have been halted since then. Backdoor channels are also not working regarding this.
Defense analysts believe that both the sides are willing to arrange the third meeting. Currently, both sides are preparing their bargaining set up. Both the USA and North Korea are preparing the negotiation framework that suits them.

On one side the relations between Trump and Kim are moving towards normalcy, but North Korea seems uncomfortable with top US diplomat Mike Pompeo. In a statement, Pompeo termed North Korean officials as “ rogue”. In a tit for tat response vice Foreign Minister Choe, Son Hui termed Pompeo’s comments as “thoughtless”. Chao further claims that North Korean hopes for dialogues are being suppressed. He threatened that North Korea can review the initiative of making dialogues with the USA.

After the Hanoi meeting, North Korea has demanded the removal of Mike Pompeo from nuclear talks. North Korea claims that Pompeo is creating hurdles in the dialogue process. The USA claims that North Korea wants complete removal of sanctions in return for denuclearisation. However North Korean officials deny this. Soth Korean President Moon Jae In said that both Trump and Kim have the willingness to continue the talks.

Foreign Policy analysts opine that a leader summit is necessary before the working-level negotiations. Political experts in the USA claims that President Trump is going to contest in Presidential elections in 2020, therefore he will try to arrange a meeting with Kim Jong Un. He will label this meeting as a strategic victory on the diplomatic front.

From July onwards North Korea has conducted seven missile tests. However, Trump says that he has no problem with these tests as these tests do not pose any threat to the USA. He further claims that these tests will not affect his desire to start talks with North Korea. However, some experts believe that failure of negotiations with North Korea will deprive the Trump administration its only diplomatic victory. Currently, backdoor diplomacy is also not working and North Korea did not show any desire to request South Korea to bring the USA on the negotiation table.

South Korean media claims that North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho will not attend United Nations General Assembly session this year. If this happens, chances of any working-level talks will be buried. However, experts believe that the absence of North Korean leaders from UN General Assembly cannot hinder the dialogue process. Both the sides can use backdoor channels to start the working-level talks.

Conclusively we can say that the dialogue process is facing difficulties. However, Trump and Kim are still willing to start negotiations. Experts believe that sooner or later both the parties will have to start negotiations via backdoor channels. At this stage of the adversary, the direct talks cannot be helpful.

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