Trump Retweets Chuck Woolery Saying “Everything is a Lie” About COVID-19

  • President Trump retweets “Love Connection” host Chuck Woolery’s tweet saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Democrats and other unspecified individuals are lying about the COVID-19 situation.
  • The White House explained why the President retweeted a game show host’s tweet.
Chuck Woolery said everyone is lying about Coronavirus, The President interestingly supported his tweet by resharing.

President Donald Trump retweeted a post by game show host Chuck Woolery that claims “everyone is lying” about the coronavirus pandemic. Woolery’s tweet wrote, “Everyone is lying. The CDC, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most that we are told to trust”. He said the most outrageous lies are the ones about the COVID 19 pandemic that the whole world is currently suffering from.

Woolery’s tweet claims that the [lies] is all about the election and is made to “keep the economy from coming back”. He emphasized that the situation is about the election and noted that he is “sick of it”.

He did not elaborate further on who the tweet is directed to, nor did he cite any evidence that information about the existing pandemic are lies.

Despite the game show’s blunt tweet, President Donald Trump carelessly retweeted the post.

Trump also retweeted another tweet that Woolery posted about the fact that schools may still not open this fall. According to his tweet, “there is so much evidence” that schools should open this fall, but it will not. He said that such evidence is “scientific,” but he did not enumerate any information to support his tweet.

Chuck Woolery is a famous game show host running the shows “Wheel of Fortune,” “Scrabble,” and “Greed,” among others.

Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized Trump’s rebroadcast of Woolery’s tweets. According to him, the fact that the president prefers to be briefed about the pandemic by a game show host on Twitter instead of scientists and doctors tells the voters everything they need to know about “how clueless and pathetic the Trump administration is”.