Trump says he is free of COVID-19 as he resumes campaign

Trump spent three days in the hospital after announcing he tested positive for COVID-19 on October 2.

Trump says he is free of COVID-19 as he resumes campaign
U.S. President Donald Trump, with bandages seen on his hand, takes off his face mask as he comes out...

President Donald Trump on Sunday said his physicians have confirmed that he is now free of COVID-19 and will not be a risk of transmission to anyone as he returns to holding large campaigns during the final weeks of the White House race.

Trump’s doctor confirmed the president had undergone a test on Saturday to confirm that he was no longer contagious. Also, there was no sign of actively replicating the virus. However, he did not specifically state that Trump had been negative.

Trump spent three days in the hospital after announcing he tested positive for COVID-19 on October 2. Furthermore, he claimed on Fox News Channel, “I passed the highest test, the toughest standards, and I’m in great shape.”

Trump also added that he is no longer taking coronavirus medicine. He said, “I defeated this crazy, horrible Chinese virus,” noting, “It seems I’m immune.”

Scientific research remains uncertain about whether individuals who recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are immune from a second infection and how long the immunity will remain.


In addition, after confirming that he’s now free of COVID-19, Trump is ready to get back on the campaign trail. He prepares to fly on Monday to the main battleground state of Florida. Thereafter, hold rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday in Pennsylvania and Iowa, respectively.

Trump, free of COVID-19, resumes rally

On Saturday afternoon, Trump, trailing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in opinion polls, briefed supporters from the White House balcony. He encouraged an audience of hundreds of mainly Black and Latino supporters to help get the vote in the Nov. 3 polls.

Although standing alone at the gathering, Trump wasn’t wearing the mask as he spoke. Also, much of the audience wore masks but did not fulfill social distance guidelines.

The president’s illness has brought to light a pandemic that has affected about 7.7 million citizens in the US and killed more than 213,000. His administration is facing criticism for its handling of the crisis and for its weak approach to wearing a mask and social distancing in the White House. At least 11 close Trump aids tested positive for coronavirus.

Trump has relentlessly called on states to re-open their economies, even though the pandemic shows no indication of a decrease. Nationally, the US records a total of 48,000 new incidents a day, with hospitalizations in the Midwest seeing a record sixth day in a row on Saturday.

Opinion polls indicate that Biden has a clear lead, with a smaller edge in some of the states that will decide on the results of the race.

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