Trump to resume campaign with first event since COVID-19 diagnosis

Since his COVID-19 diagnosis at a crucial juncture in polling for the November 3 presidential vote, Trump has been inactive for more than a week

Trump to resume campaign with first event since COVID-19 diagnosis
U.S. President Donald Trump poses atop the Truman Balcony of the White House after taking off his pr...

President Donald Trump on Saturday will be resuming efforts to restart in-person election campaign as he provides comments to White House supporters. The aim of the address is to prove that he defeated the coronavirus and is back in the fray.

Since his COVID-19 diagnosis at a crucial juncture in polling for the November 3 presidential vote, Trump has been inactive for more than a week. Meanwhile, opinion polls indicate that in some of the swing states that could decide the result, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading Trump by a narrow margin. However, Biden leads by a wider margin nationwide.

Trump’s medical team is yet to confirm if he is virus-free. However, as of Saturday, they claimed he could resume public engagements. Besides, he is to speak on a “law and order” theme from the rooftop of the White House to an audience of hundreds on the lawn below.

Furthermore, on Monday, Trump will hold a campaign rally in central Florida. This is a state must he win to keep his second term hopes alive.   

There are also concerns as to whether Trump, is still contagious. He revealed he had the virus on October 2 and spent the next three nights in a military hospital.

Trump confirmed in an interview on Fox News on Friday evening that he took any test for the virus, without revealing the result. He also claimed that he had stopped taking medicines to fight off COVID-19. “I feel really strong,” added Trump.

Trump and his administration have attracted backlash for their treatment of the outbreak, as well as for the lackluster commitment to wearing a mask and social distancing in the White House. Also, in recent days attracted criticism for confusing messages concerning how sick the president has become.


Biden strongly condemned Trump’s move to restart his campaign. “Good luck. I wouldn’t turn up except you got a mask and could distance yourself.” He made these remarks while addressing reporters in Paradise, Nevada.

A person familiar with the preparations for the White House event confirmed that attendees are to wear masks. Besides, the people at the Florida rally will also take a temperature check with masks provided. They will be advised to wear the masks and also have access to hand sanitizer, the campaign announced.


Biden will fly to the city of Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania on Saturday, a state that Trump slightly won over in the 2016 election from Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In the two previous elections, former Democratic President Barack Obama won the district. Moreover, Biden, who was Obama’s vice president, declared the region a top priority.

A Reuters / Ipsos opinion poll published earlier this week found that Biden had a five-point advantage over Trump in Pennsylvania. More importantly, Biden still holds a 10-point national lead on the poll.

On Saturday, in another swing state, New Hampshire, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who campaigned against Biden for the Democratic nomination, would campaign on his behalf. Warren is popular among young progressive voters, and some of them already voiced skepticism regarding Biden.

Trump and Biden are going to campaign next week without needing to prep for a debate.

The Presidential Debates Commission canceled the debate scheduled for October 15 after Trump announced he would not participate. Due to his illness, the commission changed the face-to-face debate to a virtual one. The final debate, scheduled for October 22, will proceed as expected.

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