This election season, Donald Trump, the Republican party’s nominee, has been stirring up quite a lot of trouble. Most recently, the businessman turned politician is making some very harsh comments towards the New York Times. CNN is reporting that Trump has a huge issue with the way the New York Times is portraying him. He is claiming that they are painting his campaign as a huge problem for the US. Trump is claiming that the New York Times is actually the problem.

Trump has been utilizing social media quite a lot to address his problems with the print media. The morning of August 13th, Trump took to twitter to express his concerns with the New York Times. In this tweet, he claims that the newspaper is dishonest and is printing lies because the publication is “failing.” Reports are also saying that Trump also claimed the newspaper is “going to hell” in a rally in Connecticut on Saturday night.

This is not the first time that Trump has taken his anger with the media to social networking sites He also expressed his anger with CNN and other publication online as well. Trump continues to claim that many news outlets are confusing his  words and taking sarcastic statements too seriously. This has become somewhat of a daily occurrence on the nominee’s social media pages. As of right now, Trump has approximately 10.9 million followers on twitter.

To add to his distaste for the media, Trump has also floated around the idea of banning the publication. This adds to Trumps long lists of controversial statements. If he were to be elected and bring an idea like that to the table, it would be in direct violation of the American public’s first amendment rights.

The media is very important in the lives of the American public. This is especially true during election season. While the media has a job to distribute as much factual information as possible, they also have the right to voice their opinion. Moving forward, all politicians need to be reminded of the role the media plays in the country.