Trump Visits Kenosha To Back Police After Shooting

  • The visit went ahead despite appeals from the Democratic mayor and governor to stay away.
  • Democrats have accused the president of fanning the flames of unrest.
Trump Visits Kenosha To Back Police After Shooting
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President Donald Trump has visited the city of Kenosha to back the local law enforcement after the police officers shot a black man, which prompted mass protests leading to unrest. He blamed the unrest on the “domestic terror” for the destruction and chaos in the midwestern city.

After local police shot Jacob Blake, the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, has seen days of violence. Meanwhile, the bullets shot by police left Blake paralyzed on August 23. Moreover, his family lawyer, Crump, said that he would need a miracle to walk again.


Meanwhile, the opinion polls show that the Republican President is narrowing Biden’s lead just ahead months ahead of Presidential elections in November. Using the current unrest in the country, Trump is pushing a law and order message; meanwhile, his rival has accused President’s rhetoric of worsening the situation and stocking divisions in the nation.

On Tuesday, the former vice-President Joe Biden said that “Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames rather than fighting the flames,”

During his visit to the city, Trump visited the damaged sites, including the burnt furniture store. Moreover, at a meeting with local businessmen in a high school gym, he told them these were not peaceful protests but really “domestic terror.”

He also accused the new channels of showing only the bad image of the police and defended their actions to quell the unrest in the city. However, Trump did show empathy for the people injured or hurt during the chaos but added no systematic racism in the US law enforcement agencies.

Not only that, but the President claimed that he deployed the National Guard in the city. However, they were deployed by the Democratic Governor of the city and supported by 200 federal officers ordered by the President.

He further announced that the federal government would give $3 million to the businesses damaged in the riots and one million for the police department for their outstanding services. Meanwhile, the organizers of the protests have maintained that outside agitators had hijacked their rally. Kenosha police also highlighted that nearly 105 out of 175 arrested people were not from the city.

Talking about meeting Blake’s family, Trump said that he did not meet them because they wanted their lawyer present. But he added that African American co-pastors participated at his round table meeting in the high school gym.

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