Cable news anchor, Megyn Kelly, decided to leave Fox News after 12 years, due to disputes with president-elect Trump and her colleagues within the Fox news company. As of right now, she currently has her sights focused on signing a deal with rival company NBC. Andy Lack, NBC News Chairman, reached out to Kelly on Tuesday, looking for her to be part of the NBC team, with her own daytime show. NBC wasn’t the only news company that wanted to sign Kelly; she had offers from both ABC and CNN, which are also rivals of Fox.

Although ABC and CNN are popular companies, NBC still maybe a better fit for her. NBC is also offering a prime time news magazine, which will be available on Sundays. Megyn Kelly will also be part of the network’s political and special evening coverage. Fox News will be taking a major loss because Kelly’s program, The Kelly File, was a hit amongst viewers of Fox. There is a chance that Fox might lose a large percentage of their fan base to NBC. 

NBC favors the fact that she attracts both liberals and conservatives. Desperate to keep Megyn Kelly from leaving, Fox has offered her $20 million when her current salary is $15 million. NBC is going to pay roughly close to the amount she was originally making, but not any more than that. Megyn Kelly apparently doesn’t care about the money, though.

At this point, Kelly wants to just dissipate herself from Fox news, period. One of her colleagues, Rodger Ailes, was apparently sexually harassing her, in which she states in her memoir. She also got backlash from criticizing president-elect Trump in 2015 during the debates, leading to her getting death threats via social media.

All in all, she mainly wants to spend more time with her three children. The Kelly File comes on at 9 PM. In addition, she doesn’t even know if she is going to take the NBC job either. Due to time constraints from her contract by Fox, she may not be able to take the NBC job at that time, according to her spokesperson. Her final show will air on Fox on Friday.  What will she do after? Well, judging by her track record, she will be fine, with many awaiting to offer her a future.