Twitter acqui-hires creative agency Ueno to help design new products

Last morning Twitter announced that it is going to bring the creative agency Ueno to work with Twitter’s design and research teams.

Haraldur Thorleifsson founded the agency in 2014 in Iceland. Now, it has dozens of employees working in New York, LA, Reykjavik, and San Francisco.

Through the years, the company has worked on several projects for many startups, like Facebook, Google, Walmart, Visa, Apple, Slack, Uber, ESPN, and Reuters. The startups which contracted the agency include,, Zero, Tagomi. Strava, Credit, Karma, Cruise, Boosted, and several others.

Among the clients, there were others who had Twitter ties, like Jelly and Medium. The former is the publishing platform from Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, and the next one was an app created by the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, which later sold to Pinterest.

The Chief Design Officer of Twitter, Dantley Davis, stated earlier today and stated that Ueno has great and amazing designers.

Twitter has stated that Ueno is going to complete its current projects with other clients in the coming weeks.

The company also stated that it would meet around 50 global Ueno’s employees in the coming weeks. In this way, it will learn about their backgrounds and goals to see if they fit in Twitter’s design. This means that Twitter may not hire all 50.

Twitter hasn’t shared the projects which are looking for Ueno. However, the staff will end up embedded across several teams, so they can work on product initiatives. So, this means that Twitter spaces, the new Audio-based conversation tool, will benefit from acqui-hire.

The company also stated that it would look for new talent to speed up its work. So, this might not be the company’s last deal yet.

The news of Ueno’s acqui-hire follows the company’s acquisition of Breaker, which it announced earlier this week.

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