Twitter explains that why it banned President Trump

The social network company has banned Trump and the company made this decision because of his invasion on the U.S. Capitol.


Twitter has explained why it permanently banned President Trump and took a step to limit his ability to communicate with his followers.

The company made this decision in the light of Wednesday’s violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol. Recently, the company made another good decision when it cracked down QAnon conspiracy. 

Trump said that there are several chances over his four years presidency. This kept him on the platform due to the beliefs of the company.

Now that Trump is out of the picture, we have a good glimpse into the decision making that led Twitter. The company announced the ban of Trump in several tweets from its @TwitterSafety account.
In that dive, the company stated that it gave Trump a chance after reinstating his account for violations on Wednesday. However, in the coming days, several tweets which the president made pushed him over the line.

Ultimately, these decisions involve interpretation and subjective analysis. According to social media companies, the buck will stop with some humans trying to figure the best course of action.

The explanation of Twitter provides a rare, totally transparent glimpse into how social networks decide what goes and what stays on. It’s a big move for Twitter, which many people believe should have been made months ago, if not several years ago. However, it’s useful to have what is a high-level decision-making process laid out publicly and plainly for everyone to see.

The move of Twitter on Friday to suspend the U.S. President from its platform is a big decision. The company has made this decision in the last four years. During Wednesday’s violence, the tech’s biggest social networks said that they had enough at last.

President Trump

However, with the election conspiracies and the dangerous COVID-19 misinformation who attacked Capitol this week, it’s quite late to undo the chaos real-time Trump unleashed over the previous four years, which are 280 characters at one time.

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