Twitter Labels Trump Tweet ‘Misleading Media’ For First Time

The video shows a black child running away from a white child while playing, with a fake CNN caption.

Twitter Labels Trump Tweet 'Misleading Media' For First Time

Social media giant Twitter has labeled a video tweeted by US President Donald Trump on Friday, and it labeled it as “manipulated media” for the first time. The video posted by Trump shows a black child running away from a white child while playing with a fake CNN logo and caption.

The fake caption reads: “Terrified toddler runs from a racist baby” before the video alleges the media giant CNN as “fake news.” Twitter’s decision to label the tweet under its new policy is the latest escalation in a row between the Republican President and Twitter.


Earlier in May, Twitter added a fact-check label under Trump’s tweets for the first time, following two days later hiding some tweets behind a warning label. President responded by issuing an executive order that seeks to curb the legal protections of the social media firms.

The latest warning is the first time, and Twitter has used a “manipulated media” on one of President’s tweets, the label indicates that the video has been significantly edited or manipulated. This comes amid the rising racial tensions across the country and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

In the video posted by President Trump, after the initial shot of the children running, the next caption appears: “Racist baby probably a Trump voter.” It then cuts to the following text, showing the original context of both children playing.

Before the video ends, it declares that “America” is not the problem, but fake news is. But when the label by the twitter is clicked, it takes the users to another page that shows that many news channels and journalists have confirmed the video was doctored or edited with fake CNN chyron.

With a terse response, CNN’s communication department hit back at Trump, saying that it covered the story as it happened. It further added, “Just as we reported your positions on race.”

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