U.S. Lawmaker Draws Up Impeachment Papers On Trump

Trump Impeachment
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Following the US Capitol fiasco, a Democratic congresswoman said Wednesday she was drawing up the articles of impeachment against President Trump for urging his supporters to rally onto Washington in a bid to overturn his election defeat in the November presidential election.

US Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota took to Twitter and stated that Trump should not be allowed to remain in the presidential office, even though he has only two weeks left in the White House. Another key Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was often targeted by Trump as a member of the “liberal squad,” supported and tweeted “impeach.”


This comes after hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators took to the streets in Washington. Video footage showed dozens of people storming the building and breaking windows and pressing past the metal barricades in a bid to get inside. Meanwhile, the security officials evacuated the legislators from the Senate and House of Representatives.

Growing calls for Trump’s removal were also endorsed by some of the president’s close allies, including Vermont Governor Phil Scott. He took to Twitter and described the attack by Trump-supporters as an attack on principles of the American republic and democracy. Leon Russell, the head of the NAACP, said that attempting a coup on the Capitol has to warrant impeachment.

While other legislators said that a senior delegation of the republican led by Mitch McConnell should go visit the White House and tell the incumbent to resign. He further added that the members of the Cabinet must initiate the twenty-fifth amendment and declare Trump unable to perform his duties.

As the Capitol was breached, some of the pro-Trump lawmakers had been attempting a last-ditch to block certification of Biden’s victory, but they were met with no success. Reuters reported that Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former White House Press Secretary, said that Trump, along with other elected officials, must be impeached, arguing that they damaged the international reputation of the US.

Even though the Democratic lawmakers could initiate a quick one-count bill for the incumbent’s impeachment, the move is likely to face opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate. In February this year, the upper chamber of Congress acquitted Trump after an impeachment trial initiated by Democrats over charges of pressurizing Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

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