Understanding Diabetes: what it does to human body?

Diabetes could be fatal if it is not controlled or taken care of. It is necessary to understand the effects of diabetes on the human body to better prevent it from any kind of internal or external damages.

complications of diabetes

Diabetes, a word that many people dread, irrespective of their age! If a person has been diagnosed with Diabetes, this simply means that their immunity has become prone indirectly. A rise or fall from standard scales of sugar in the human body leads to fatal conditions. To better understand diabetic patients, let us first explore more about it.

What Is Diabetes?

All organisms, like mammals, comprise similar body structures with bones, muscles, tissues, blood, and veins. These five mentioned elements are responsible for keeping any mammal alive, where humans stand no different!

Blood is an integral element of the human body and can be classified as core carriers, be it oxygen being carried to cells or nutrients being carried to various parts of the human body.

Hard to believe, but by the time humans reach the age of 5, the body starts producing the same amount of blood like that of an adult. Isn’t that amazing?

However, there is one particular condition that causes excess sugar to mix into bloodstream, known as Diabetes. Some people develop this condition as a result of hereditary characters, while others may develop it over time.

Common Causes

A person generally undergoes Diabetes when their blood-sugar balance is disrupted abnormally. This function is usually performed by insulin, which is a self-generated hormone in the human body that is present to balance the amount of glucose in the blood present in the human body.

Hence, any abnormality observed in insulin levels causes irregularities in the natural balance of blood sugar.

Types of Diabetes

There are majorly three types of Diabetes:

  • Type I diabetes is mainly controlled by the external consumption of insulin. Type 1 diabetes patients must take regular (even daily) insulin via synthetic sources so that the body responds to blood-glucose balance.
  • Type II diabetes occurs in those patients who, even with consumption of insulin via external mediums, fail to strike that natural or close-to-natural blood-sugar balance. As a result, the human body becomes susceptible to many other diseases and variant hormonal imbalances.
  • Gestational Diabetes usually takes place in women who undergo childbirth. This does not happen in every woman who is about to give birth. However, it does happen due to the abrupt behavior of hormones of insulin.

Let us dig deep into the effects caused by Diabetes on human blood, and how does the immune system of a diabetic person differ from the immune system of a non-diabetic person?

Effects of Diabetes on Human Body

According to Healthline magazine, multiple harmful effects could put a human body in danger because of Diabetes.

As I was going through the list, I couldn’t believe that Diabetes can be as fatal as this.

Below are some of the most common effects that are caused in the human body due to Diabetes:

  • You are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of any cardiovascular disease or even a cardiac arrest that could result in death.
  • Diabetes increases your chances of undergoing nerve damage, most probably in your foot, which can result in foot-ulcers, etc.
  • Your blood flow is restricted. Hence, out-of-proportion glucose in your blood causes your blood vessels to get damaged or even broken.
  • Your kidneys are at risk of getting failed. One of the first indications that anyone can observe regarding kidney damage would be the presence of high protein contents in the urine. Hard to believe, your water consumption or “thirst” would increase (to dilute or break down that sweet taste or glands in your body) yet the risk of kidneys is highly due.
  • You develop a blurry sight.
  • Your behavior changes due to the abnormality of insulin. You are likely to suffer from hypertension and your restricted blood flow will make it hard for you to keep “calm.”
  • Your skin is subjected to a greater risk of being cracked. Your overall skin on the body may appear to be dry, even after the application of moisturizing lotions. Moreover, if you happen to go through a cut or bruise when being in Diabetes, it is most probable that an infection would occur.

Now, if we look at the health conditions of diabetic patients and the effects of Diabetes on the human body, we come to know about how Diabetes not only damages the human body internally but the external body (mainly our skin) gets severely damaged.

It could also be said that diabetic patients demonstrate a constrained blood flow due to which a virus or infection is likely to penetrate on dry/bruised skin of such patients, and hence, the infection grows.


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