United Nations Report on Afghanistan claims that allies killed more civilians
Photo via pixabay.com

A United Nations report on Afghanistan made shocking revelations. The United Nations report on Afghanistan states that more civilians were killed by NATO and Afghan forces than the Taliban. This United Nations report on Afghanistan is released today and contains the statistics of 2019. These startling revelations can harm US attempts to make a safe passage from Afghanistan. 

Most of the civilian fatalities occurred during Afghan and NATO operations and air raids. Militants hide behind the civilian population due to which civilian casualties occur. This is also a matter of concern for the Afghan government which is struggling to win the support of masses against the Taliban. 

The UN report on Afghanistan is presented by the UN mission in the war-torn country. The report claims that Afghan and NATO forces killed about 717 civilians in 2019. Out of this specified figure, 314 were killed by the international forces while 403 were killed by Afghan forces.

Meanwhile, 530 Afghans were killed by the Taliban and other militant outfits. 

The report further states that out of those killed by militants, 300 were directly targeted. The Taliban are conducting strikes on an almost daily basis. The main target of the Taliban’s attacks is the Afghan army. 

On the other hand, the Islamic State (IS) militants are conducting strikes against the Shia population of Afghanistan. 

Currently, the Afghan government did not issue any statement regarding this report. The international forces deployed in Afghanistan are also silent on this report. 

 On its failure, the Afghan government has deteriorated relationships with its neighbors like Iran and Pakistan. The Afghan government claims that these two countries are supporting the Taliban. However, Iran and Pakistan deny these allegations. However, these two countries say that the Taliban should not be alienated. And that they should be made part of mainstream politics. 

Currently, the Taliban have refused to talk directly with the Afghan government. Now the Afghan Taliban are conducting dialogues directly with the United States of America. The purpose of these negotiations is to put an end to this eighteen years old war. Unfortunately, the Afghan government is not part of these ongoing negotiations. 

The current report can put the Afghan government in moral trouble. Current President Ashraf Ghani claims to be a president came in the office via a democratic process. However, his political and militant opponents claim that He is using authoritarian tactics to suppress the dissenting voices in Afghanistan. 

Here it must be noted that Pakistan played an important role in bringing the Afghan Taliban on the negotiation table. However, Taliban stubbornly rejected to negotiate with the Afghan government. 

Moreover, the USA is an important stakeholder in Afghanistan. The USA wants to leave Afghanistan. However the USA desire to leave a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan. This report and the rising tensions between the Taliban and the Afghan government can harm the American attempts to give the world a terror-free Afghanistan. 

In a recent Trump-Khan meeting, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the USA that he will try to persuade Afghanistan. However, experts believe that Mr. Khan will not succeed because the Taliban won’t deviate from their parent stance. The stance which clearly says that the current Afghan government is a puppet government installed by West. 

It seems that peace in Afghanistan is totally dependent on dialogues between Afghan Taliban and USA. These negotiations will decide the futuristic political structure of Afghanistan. Meanwhile recalcitrant behavior of the Afghan government and the Taliban is creating troubles for peace efforts by the USA. 

Currently, China and Russia are also emerging as strong players in Afghanistan. Both are of the view that the Afghan Taliban should be given a political role in Afghanistan. China, Russia, and Pakistan share the view that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict. The only political settlement will bring the desired and long-lasting results to end this 18 years old conflict. 

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