Many affectees of Idlib offensive are living in Refugee Camps
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The United Nations has said that fresh fightings in Northwestern Syria will affect the lives of millions of people. UNO further claims that the situation will become out of control if appropriate measures are not taken.
Idlib is the last stronghold of Syrian rebels. Russian and Syrian troops are conducting operations in Idlib. Idlib has received many Syrians who managed to escape from other parts of the war-torn country. Currently, three million people are living in Idlib. About half of them are those who came from other parts of Syria. Among them more than one million are children.
Najat Rochdi is a senior adviser to the UN’s envoy in Syria. He claims that the current Idlib offensive can endanger more than one million lives.
More than 500 civilians have been killed since the launch of Idlib offensive in April. Mr. Rochdi says that more than 400,000 people have been forced to leave their homes as a result of Idlib offensive. Many of them had to leave their homes multiple times.
Panos Moumtzis is the UN’s humanitarian chief in Syria. He claimed that the displaced people are unable to find a place to live. He concluded these remarks in Geneva. He further argued that the situation is like “playing with fire” and there are certain chances that the turmoil will become out of control.
Mr. Moumtzis says that arrangements are being made to create a space for 900,000 displacements. He further says that there is no plan to give relief for the entire population of Idlib.
In last week a truce was signed between the Syrian government and opposition in Kazakhstan. However, the ceasefire collapsed on Monday when Syrian army blamed that opposition is conducting ceasefire violations. Syrian state media claims that this offensive will continue until opposition fulfills the 2018 deal. This deal demanded the creation of a buffer zone in Idlib. Here it must be remembered that the Sochi Agreement of 2018 was brokered by Russia and Turkey. Russia is supporting the Syrian government, while Turkey is supporting some rebel groups of the opposition.
The deal required the rebel groups to leave 20 Km area of the demilitarized zone. The rebel groups were also required to remove their weapons from the frontlines. But the main opposition group Hay’ et Tahrir al-Sham refused to move back from the front lines.
Mr. Rochdi termed the ceasefire collapse as “deeply regrettable”. He further claimed that about 400,000 civilians were gathered at the Turkish border but they had to come back. The UN statement further claimed that heavy bombardment has destroyed schools, hospitals, and other facilities in the affected area.
UN statement further says that all the parties are obliged to international humanitarian laws. And any violations of these laws needs accountability.
Experts claim that the purpose of the current Idlib offensive is to gain control of the commercial highway that connects Syria to Turkey and Jordan. After gaining control of an economically important passage, the Syrian government will be able to aid the economy of this war-torn country.
Government military campaign affected dozens of villages. However, it managed to gain control of very few areas in Idlib despite having strong aerial support from Russia.
On Thursday the Syrian government labeled the US-Turkey agreement a threat to the sovereignty of the country. This agreement was about the creation of a safer zone in northern Syria. The US-Turkish agreement did not mention how and when the safer zone will be created. However, it has averted the expected Turkish operation in East of the Euphrates River in Syria.
North East Syria is under the control of US-backed Kurd fighters and YPG. Turkey sees YPG as an extension of PKK which is declared as a terrorist organization by Turkey. But YPG is an important US ally in fighting against ISIL.
The battle against ISIL has displaced thousands of people. These people are living in the overcrowded al-Hol camp. This camp in northeast Syria is home to children and wives of ISIL fighters. UN says that protection of this camp is a key concern. UN further says that aid should be provided without any discrimination. And the member state should fulfill their legal obligations to repatriate their nationals following the international laws.
The eight years old Syrian conflict has taken hundreds of thousand lives. Millions are displaced. And currently, there are no chances of peace in Syria.


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