In a move that is sure to anger Russian President Vladimir Putin, The United States of America has sent 75 million dollars and dozens of Humvees to Ukraine. The U.S. will provide an additional $75 million in non-lethal equipment to Ukraine, including counter-mortar radar, drones, radios and medical equipment, a US official said Wednesday. These moves directly aim at stopping The Russian advancement in Ukraine.

In a separate act, President Obama has agreed to send 20 armored Humvees and 200 unarmored Humvees to Ukraine. Some say that President Obama authorized these moves against Russia to answer the critics who have said he has been too weak in dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The move comes after years of tension between The United States and Russia, which started when Putin’s forces invaded Georgia in 2008.

Although many in the west call Russia’s advancements in Ukraine unacceptable, Putin claims that Crimea belongs to Russia, and that Russia is simply taking back lost land. The announcement comes as President Barack Obama continues to send lethal aid to Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine.

An official from The Obama Administration official said this week that “The White House continues to believe that there is no military resolution to this crisis” but that “Ukraine has the right to defend itself.” Vice President Biden informed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko of the new assistance in a phone call, the White House announced.

Ukraine was a part of The Soviet Union until The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Since then Ukraine has worked hard to build its own identity. The majority of Ukrainians speaks Ukrainian and Roman Catholicism. Ukraine has been fighting hard against The Russian invaders since they tried to seize control of Crimea last year.
Photo Via CIA.GOV