The United States Coastguard on Monday, rescued crew members from the capsid Golden Ray cargo ship. The ship was en route to Baltimore from the port of Brunswick, Georgia with 4,000 vehicles and 24 crew members on board.

The US Coastguard managed to rescue 20 crew members immediately the accident occurred while four other crew members were trapped for a day and a half.

After much inspection, of which they were said to have been chased back from escape by fire, the Coastguard discovered where the crew members were trapped as they made taps on the ship’s body.

Holes were drilled on the body of the ship in the area where taps were observed to deliver food and water to the trapped Golden Ray crew members, who were rescued after some time. Sadly they were just three of them who had access to the food and water since the last one was trapped behind glass in the control room; as reported by officials.

The last crew member was rescued hours later. Although he had no food or water for quite some time, he was obviously excited to leave the confinements of the control room in such a condition. Being extracted from the ship, he was exposed to the open space and welcomed by applauds from both the Coastguards and his fellow crew members.

After the rescue, the Coastguards is set to empty the ship by evacuating all possible assets. The Golden Ray cargo, a property of Hyundai Glovis logistics company is said to have met one of the unexpected accidents of sea transit and the US Coastguard are hopeful to reduce the company’s loss by evacuating as many vehicles and assets that they can and keeping the ship safe.

The captain of the US Coastguard, Captain Reed openly explained after the rescue that this day was the best day of his career.

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