Iran's Foreign minister Jawad Zarif
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In a recent move, the United States of America imposed sanctions Iran’s foreign minister Jawad Zarif. The sanctions on Jawad Zarif is part of ongoing rhetoric between the USA and Iran. Jawad Zarif is an important member of the current Irani government.
The US Treasury Department said that the USA is imposing sanctions on Jawad Zarif because He speaks on behalf of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The statement further claims that Jawad Zarif is following the reckless agenda of the current regime.
Jawad Zarif took to Twitter to respond to the statement. Mr. Zarif said that these sanctions will not harm him personally as he has no property outside Iran. This development came after the USA gave more 90 days to foreign companies who are working at Iran’s nuclear facilities. US government claims that extension is given in a perspective Iran’s civil nuclear program.
On its part, Iran’s foreign ministry criticized the US decision. Spokesperson Mr. Mousavi termed these sanctions as the stupidity of US. He further claimed that US authorities are afraid of negotiating skills of Jawad Zarif.
Experts opine that imposing sanctions on a foreign minister will not help any country. Because If Iran changes its foreign minister, the new foreign minister will also follow the instructions of the regime. Many analysts claim that Jawad Zarif will emerge as a more powerful person in Iran amid these sanctions.
The Trump administration said that it will decide whether a visa should be issued to Jawad Zarif or not. Mr. Zarif visited the United Nations in New York at the start of July. Some political experts in Washington believe that the USA wants talks with Iran but Trump administration believes that Mr. Zarif is not a proper diplomat.
About a month ago, the USA imposed sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Experts believe that recent sanctions on Iranian personalities are part of the US campaign to put maximum pressure on Iran.
Here it must be noted that tensions re-escalated after the Trump administration announced withdrawal from the nuclear deal of 2015. After a unilateral withdrawal, US reimposed sanctions on Iran.
In the last 3 months, people of the middle east are fearing confrontation between Iran and the USA.
On Wednesday, Jawad Zarif threatened that Iran may resume its nuclear activities if European partners fail to protect Iran from sanctions. He further said that Iran should be given surety that It can sell its oil to generate income. Zarif also showed his desires to negotiate with rival Saudi Arabia. However, He further said that Mike Pompeo will not be given any welcome in Iran.
On Monday Pompeo tweeted that Iranian foreign minister can enjoy free speech in the USA. However, Americans or any other foreign minister cannot enjoy the same in Iran.
Foreign policy experts believe that by imposing sanctions on Jawad Zarif, USA has blocked all the ways to talk to Iran. Experts say that imposing sanctions on a top diplomat means that the US does not want to use diplomatic channels to neutralize the tensions.
Analysts believe that a deadlock in talks will be beneficial for hawks like John Bolton and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Experts also fear that the same deadlock can pave way for a military confrontation. Experts also opine that the “maximum pressure” strategy is not working against Iran. The only thing that can make Iran surrendered is effective diplomacy and for that purpose, no sanctions should be imposed on Iranian diplomats.


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