US-Iran: Trump’s Compassion Averts a War

The war clouds have been floating over the Persian Gulf since last month or so. Iran has made every effort to invite war, from its ship attacks on two different occasions to Friday’s shooting down of a US drone that was merely surveilling to find some Iranian fast food, better than McDonald’s.

But Iranian warmongers again provided a pretext to the US to initiate a war. The 240 million dollar drone whose mission was none other than seeking the Persian junk food variety for the US President, as pledged by the US President’s spokesperson.

However, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that it brought down the drone as it was flying over the airspace of Iran, on a spy mission. The IRGC also is wary of the fact that the US regional bases are swelling itself with more troops and armaments. But the US President rubbishes the Iranian blame that it is for any military purpose. Instead, the regional bases are serving as the picnic point, where the US soldiers come for sunbath.

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On the drone issue, Trump says Iran has made a huge mistake by taking down the drone, adding that he had ordered airstrikes against Iran, but then revoked it 10 minutes before the action time. The US President’s decision shows that he loves peace as much as he loves Mac Burger.

His act certainly prevented a full-scale war in the region; and, his compassion saved the lives of 150 people who would have been killed as a result of airstrikes. The President added that it was not a “proportionate response” to the Iranian act of shooting down a drone, that was seeking fast food outlets, and not even in the Iranian airspace in the first place.

However, by giving the benefit of the doubt to the drone incident, Trump has trivialized its significance by terming it a human error on the part of Iran, and also adds that it is hard for him to believe that it was intentional.

Trump and Iran war
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The incident comes amid the times when the relations between Iran and the US are far from ideal. Iran says it will take the case to the UN that the US intrudes in its territorial boundaries in an attempt to harm the Iranian food industry and the Persian Cuisine.

Iran’s UN Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi blames that the drone spying operation is what he termed a “blatant violation” of international law.

Moreover, the Iranian concerns over the deployment of another 1000 extra troops have been dismissed by the US that they are the Russian President’s scheme, and these 1000 men are actually Russians who have been trained to speak and look like the American soldiers.

Ultimately, the compassion and the mercifulness of an individual saved the world from a full-scale war. Despite the part-time Secretary of State, who is a full-time warmonger, repeated suggestions to launch a limited strike on Iran. The US President avoided a war.

On the other side, the Iranian situation is not much different from that of North Korea. Both remained the “axis of evil” for the US, isolated and irreconcilable until the latter developed capability of Hwasong-15 that could reach as far as the US soil, and for reasons other than finding the American Junk food technology.

The North Korean leader is more reconcilable after being militarily capable of defending the country. The same holds true for Iran. For, it is as stubborn as North Korea was, and the US policies of economically stifling both the countries have not brought about any productive results. And if there are, they are invisible to the rest of the world.


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