US Supreme Court Rejects J & J TALC Cancer Case Appeal

US Supreme Court Rejects J & J TALC Cancer Case Appeal
Image courtesy/US Supreme Court Rejects J & J TALC Cancer Case Appeal

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal made by Johnson & Johnson to women who argued that its talcum powder contains asbestos and causes them to develop ovarian cancer.

The health company has to pay $2.1 billion (£1.5 billion) for the women’s losses.

The Top American Court did not comment on its judgment but laid down a ruling in 2018 that favored it.

Johnson & Johnson (J & J) said the product is safe after decades of independent research.

The corporation requested the court to examine the sentence handed in Missouri in 2020.

The Court of Appeal of Missouri ruled on J & J’s request that women should reject compensation and punitive penalties but decreased the total payout from 4,7 billion dollars originally set by the jury.

J & J contended that in a case involving 20 women from diverse countries, backgrounds and using their products to varying degrees, they should not defend themselves.

The health giant said:

“The court’s decision to not reconsider the Ingham case leaves substantial legal problems unanswered that will continue to face state and federal courts in matters of due process rights and personal jurisdiction.”

“The Supreme Court has indicated many times that its decision to deny hearing does not take any account of the merits, and we remain persuaded that our view of the law and the facts ultimately will prevail,” it added.

It further noted out that the issues before the Court were legal proceedings, not safety.

“Decades of independent scientific assessments indicate that Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe, does not contain asbestos and is not cancer-causing,” it stated.

For many years, it has been the focus of claims that its talcum powder contains carcinogenic substances.

The brand has always strongly defended the safety of the product.

However, it withdrew from sales last year in the US and Canada its talc-based baby powder, stating that certain sales had fallen as a result of a “constant barrage” of advertising by lawyers seeking customers to claim against the firm.

Talc is extracted from the ground and discovered in seams close to that of asbestos, the recognized cancer-causing substance.

Approximately 20,000 consumers in the United States have lodged claims against the corporation so far.

The baby powder of the company is still offered in the UK and elsewhere in the world, where there is still considerable demand.


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