US to Recognize Israel Annexation of West Bank, Jordan Valley

Palestinians reject application of Israeli law on West Bank areas, saying it will shut the door on a two-state solution.

US allows israel's west bank annexation

The United States said that it was ready to accept the annexation of the west bank by Israel, albeit the new unity government of Benny Gantz and Netanyahu to negotiate with the Palestinians. Both the political rivals came to a power-sharing formula after three inconclusive polls.

No major political party could secure a majority in any of the three elections. After the March elections, a political deadlock prevailed in Israel. Netanyahu has vowed to push ahead with the annexation of much of West Bank.

Meanwhile, Palestinians have maintained that it will shut the door to any two-state solution. Earlier in January, the American president presented his Middle East Plan, which gave the green light to the Israeli annexation.

Under the new deal between both the far-right parties agreed to consult with the United States before pressing forward with annexation. Palestinians have expressed outrage on Israeli plans to cement further control on the lands they captured in the 1967 war.

The United Nations and European Union have warned the Israeli government against the annexations. They have also criticized Trump’s plan as it would destroy the road to a two-state solution.


On Monday, the US State Department said in a statement that Washington fully recognizes Israeli plans to extend its sovereignty over West Bank. It further added that the plans would be in the context of the Israeli government agreeing to negotiate with Palestinian’s along the lines set forth by Trump’s vision.

West bank annexation

The statement from the US comes a day after Netanyahu confidently claimed that the US would give its approval soon to go ahead with annexation. Political experts have said that Trump administration has granted the Netanyahu government a wish-list for the past three years.

His peace plan legitimizes the annexation of the West Bank and imposing sovereignty to Jordan. Which many countries and organizations think is illegal.

According to the plan, the Palestinians will be given a state but a demilitarized one with promises of huge investments. The proposed Palestinian capital is expected to be on the outskirts of the holy city of Jerusalem.

Palestinian Authority has rejected the plan. As it gives Israel the right to annex almost all of the land it occupied in the 1967 war. It has also warned to cancel all the existing security agreements with the Israeli military.

Meanwhile, the Eu foreign policy chief said that it would be a strict violation of international law and force the 27-country bloc to act accordingly. In the virtual session of the UN security council, the UN’s Middle East peace process coordinator Mladenov called the Israeli plans as a growing threat that violates international law.

However, Israel rejects this, citing security concerns and biblical, historical connections with the land. The Arab League, which reacted strongly to Trump’s plan, is expected to hold a session to discuss the annexation.

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