Once again, February is the month to be in love and to have a lover to be in love with. The pressure is on for lovers the world over to make a certain someone’s day just right and to have that sexual tension go to an all high level that most can get nervous about this day. The real question is why should you feel nervous when it’s about making you feel right in the bedroom. Truly, this is the time to relax and enjoy each other and this should be an everyday thing, but really you should pull out the stops for Valentine’s Day because it is the best sex you can have on a day that is dedicated to being in love.

So say if the normal is go and have a movie night then instead do a live show like Broadway, Opera, go dancing, anything different compared to what you two normally do. Make it spicy and interesting instead and change it up. Liven it up because this day does only does happen only once a year.

Of course, there is really nothing wrong with some flowers and candy. It is sweet of you to do so, but doing something different on this day of love is a must. Like to have sex before you both go out so then there is no sexual tension. Then now you both are relaxed and you both have had your orgasms. You noticed I said orgasms with an “S”…wink wink.

In the sex department do different positions that you normally would not do. Now I am not saying go 50 Shades of Gray without it being safe and don’t push each other into something that you both do not want to do unless you want to go there then by all means push the envelope. Then sure go there and why the hell not and put the black leather on and high heels on. But do not force it, make it spicy and explore each other in  new ways than what has become the norm.

Also make a perfect lovemaking environment. This helps the mood and helps create a sexual connection between the two of you and that is a must. So talk about the things that you like and where you would like to make love at. So you can have fun with this and it does not have to say is just in the bedroom, it can be creative. Also think about timing? Like morning, afternoon or evening? Or why not all 3!

Then, if you like to get down, deep down and dirty, let’s talk sounds. Are you a noise maker and will there be distractions and meaning can other members of the household hear any sexual activity? Those are things that need to be thought about and that could interfere with your lovemaking. And being that you may do this on the normal that you may hold back on the normal basic routine basis in the sexy time dept. To which is not a good thing because the sexual act needs to be a freeing act and should not be held back on what feels good to you and your lover.

Think about aromas like candles, perfumes or oils something that is not the normal, but remember sometimes some can be sensitive to the skin. Also, do you like soft lighting or a fully lit room or no light at all?  Or clothing that your partner will like for you to wear for this special day? How about  erotic aids like movies, toys, lubes and activities that both can enjoy together. Toys can be fun and no, it’s not to make you feel bad it is about to enhance the act of pleasure.

Just remember this is about about having sexual fun together. Do not let it get you overwhelmed either. This is about bringing you two together as one and playing sexual fun and finding out what you two like sexual nothing more and becoming sexual aroused for each other. So happy Valentine’s Day and remember this can be year round as well.