Venezuela’s government accused of crimes against humanity

The UN team claimed that President Nicolás Maduro as well as other top officials, have a hand in it.

UN team accuses Venezuela government of crimes against humanity
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a news conference at Miraflores Palace in Caracas...

A fact-finding mission by the UN Human Rights Committee in Venezuela reported crimes committed by the Venezuelan government. The mission reported incidents of murders, torture, harassment, and disappearances of several citizens.

The UN team claimed that President Nicolás Maduro as well as other top officials, have a hand in it.


Meanwhile, the UN ambassador to Venezuela defined the mission as a “hostile initiative.

Furthermore, Ambassador Jorge Valero claimed last year that the UN intervention was part of an initiative led by the US. Moreover, they stopped the US team from entering the country. 

Currently, Venezuela is going through a severe economic and political turmoil. As a result of this, many of the citizens are leaving the country. 

What did the UN team discover in Venezuela?

In the report of its findings on Wednesday, the UN team reported the involvement of Venezuelan security services. They engaged in a pattern of systematic violence since 2014, aimed at suppressing political opposition and generally terrorizing the population.

In addition, the team also claimed that Mr Maduro and the ministers of interior and defence gave orders and coordinated operations in the crimes. 

“The mission found the government, state agents, and groups working with them committed egregious violations,” it said.

It called on Venezuela to hold those responsible to account and to prevent further violations from taking place.

“The mission found reasonable grounds to believe that Venezuelan authorities and security forces have since 2014 planned and executed serious human rights violations, some of which – including arbitrary killings and the systematic use of torture – amount to crimes against humanity,” Marta Valiñas, the chairperson of the mission said in a statement.

“Far from isolated acts, they coordinated and committed under state policies, with the knowledge or direct support of commanding officers and senior government officials.”

Typical actions might include placing arms in an area they believe is loyal to the opposition. Then, security forces invade the region, shooting or arresting citizens at a point-blank range, brutalizing them, and killing them.

The study also looked at the aggressive reaction to opposition demonstrations and the abuse of those arrested.

The investigators rendered their results after reviewing 223 cases. They claimed that nearly 3,000 others confirmed “violation patterns and crimes.”

The study will be submitted to the member states of the UN Human Rights Council next week when Venezuela has an opportunity to respond.

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