VR Headset had Been provided To Women In Labor
Source: https://healthiar.com/vr-eases-labor-pains

The women in labor have been given the experience of virtual reality through a VR headset to manage the early pain. This has been one of the most experimental attempts in battling birth pain. The University Hospital of Wales situated in Cardiff has taken initiatives to carry out a trial to see if Virtual Reality has any relief to offer to people suffering from pains as severe as labor. If the experiment turns out to be successful, the process would be rolled out across the city of Wales.

Midwife Suzanne Hardacre mentioned that technology might offer an option for extreme pain management.

Hanna Lelii went through the experience by testing the kit just before she was about to give birth to her first baby. She further stated that the VR had appeared to be a simulator to her. She also mentioned that the effect was of a 360 degrees view that made her feel relaxed. When she moved or turned, she visualized the things that were supposed to be behind her.

The same experience will be provided to many would-be mothers in the coming months and later their responses will be recorded by the health board for further analysis.

The head of midwifery of Cardiff and Vale health board, Ms. Hardacre stated that the experiment has provided them with a chance to accomplish something really innovative, something different, something that no one anywhere has ever tried before.

She further added that this test would help the women in the early stages of labor to get their minds diverted and relaxed. It might also help take the layout of the initial discomfort by allowing her to experience a whole new dimension of visuals.

Ms. Lelii, who actually faced the test, stated that she had an obsession for VR and that choice becomes a big deal when it comes to women drifting into the stage of labor. She further clarified that the same method might not be effective for all women going into their labor or for every stage of the pain, but it surely does have the potential to be another option.

Glenn Hapgood, the co-founder of Developers Rescape which provides each headset for £4,000 per year, further added that VR headsets are transcending the limits of gaming to enter the arena of therapies. He further illustrated that the hospital is the last place where a person enjoys staying. Hence, even if the technology offers a temporary relief to the patients from the uncongenial ambiance of the hospital, the same can be counted as an easy solution in itself.

Ms. Hardacre mentioned that for women who had suffered a traumatic experience while giving birth to their child earlier, this technology can prove to be comforting by allowing a mind diversion. She further added that the women in early stages of their labor remain mostly under control and they had been offered the headset kit when they walked in for labor inductions. At present, all that the hospitals offer during early labor are breathing, water and relaxation. Virtual Reality would surely be another dimension added to it.