LG Electronics has come up with a way to repel mosquitoes with a new feature accompanying their TV, called “Mosquito Away Technology.” Mosquitoes which cause diseases like Zika, malaria, and dengue are particularly dangerous in humid tropical regions– one of which is India. The new TV and feature were released in India on Thursday.

The technology behind repelling mosquitoes comes from technology which uses ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans. The ultrasonic waves are what keep mosquitoes away. Instead of people hearing an incessant buzz of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes receive the displeasure of the ultrasonic waves. The repellent technology doesn’t have to affect people in a negative way through smells or chemicals to help them, like sprays and candles do. With the click of a button on the remote control, the feature is activated. 

To act as a constant mosquito repellent, the TV does not even need to be turned on. While switched off, the ultrasonic waves continue to produce waves, warding off the mosquitoes. The TV is marketed in two different models, the 32-inch display priced at 26,500 rupees ($394) and the 43-inch display priced at 47,500 rupees ($706).

The TV was created aimed at lower-income residents in India who are more likely vulnerable to mosquitoes and as a result, the diseases which can come with them. The Philippines and Sri Lanka will join India in exposure to this new technology next month when the TV goes on sale there. 

Watching television and potentially avoiding exposure to mosquito-induced diseases is easier with LG Electronics’ “Mosquito Away Technology.”Although LG’s new TV comes with mosquito repellent technology, the South Korean technology company claims it does not intend for it to replace other mosquito-preventing technology or devices.