Silicon Valley View From Above

There have been many theories regarding who is responsible for the rot of Washington. Is it the Silicon Valley or just the flawed policies of Washington, or something else? Since the 2016 elections, a tech-lash has been underway. People are blaming Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. There are several blameworthy things in tech, especially in the case of Facebook. With all these allegations, one wonders what it is about the tech industry that makes it a specific target?

We know that many people around the world blame Facebook for the results of presidential elections 2016. Everyone from the Democrats to the mass media to mainstream media is blaming some Russian Facebook accounts of meddling in the 2016 elections. To prove their point, people give examples of other Facebook scandals, like the FTC crackdown regarding Cambridge Analytica. However, other companies also face scandals from time to time. So, why should Facebook be the target every time?

The mainstream media targets Facebook and Google the most. The media owners know that Facebook and Google get most of the advertising money. However, the mainstream media doesn’t bash the tech companies on purpose. It only highlights the popular tech scandals.

However, there is much more to it than just that. There is a sense of betrayal and hope from tech companies. I mean to say that most people don’t criticize the traditional and electronic media because they know that they can’t change much. However, people have a critical approach towards the tech industry because they think that it can change.

On the other hand, when we look at Washington, it is an entirely different story. People no longer believe that they can change how Washington works. People have understood that the forces operating in Washington are beyond their control, and they won’t listen to simple criticism. Court-packing, regulatory capture, and other things now corrupt the system that gave people hope. Most people think that this system is beyond repair.

No bitter criticism or protest is going to affect Mitch McConnell, Goldman Sachs, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, for that sake. People get together and protest against the government and its policies. However, they don’t seriously think that they can influence anything in Washington.

I think that Washington is beyond change because it has been there for so long. Its working foundations are so strong that they can’t be moved easily. The same is happening in tech now. At the start, the tech industry was all about embracing change. However, it has become powerful now, and it has become more conservative and much more cautious. Over the last decade, the tech industry has influenced tons of people. It has attracted the kinds of people who would have opted for Wall Street or Washington, in another era.

I am not saying that mainstream media change can’t happen. It can happen, but the system has smooth foundations now. Similarly, I am not saying that the tech industry can’t change now. It has just become a lot more conservative than it used to be.

However, Silicon Valley does have some role in Washington’s rot. For example, no one knows if Facebook was responsible for determining the outcome of the 2016 elections. However, if it weren’t for Facebook, the 2016 elections wouldn’t have been that much controversial. The political dynamics would also have been different now. Similarly, Donald Trump sends tons of tweets every week, which are quite unstable and unhinged. Although people don’t take his tweets seriously, they influence American politics.

This shows that Silicon Valley does have some role in influencing Washington. However, it is easy to blame the tech industry. I think that most people blame the tech industry because they believe that it can change, for the better. Let us hope that the tech industry doesn’t go down the same path as Wall Street or Washington.