what is spirituality

You would have heard the term “Spirituality” many times, but do you know what exactly spirituality mean? Do you also believe that Spirituality and Religion both are the same thing? If so, then you must clear out your misconception about spirituality. Many people still have a misunderstanding that spirituality and religion both are same. But there are some differences between both of these terms “Spirituality” and “Religion”.

Are Spirituality and Religion Same or There is Any Difference?

The main difference between religion and spirituality is that Spirituality is for an individual’s happiness and inner peace but religion is for many people. It is the different ways in which one worships God. It does not focus on an individual.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be defined as the ways of finding out peace, happiness, faith and hope in your life. It is about finding yourself beyond what is happening to you or around you in the life. An individual is said to be spiritual when he has its own world of happiness, he/she does not get much affected by the problems going around him/her. They know how to keep themselves calm and happy in such situation, or we can say that they get inner strength and inner peace to handle all the troublesome situations peacefully and calmly. There is not a fixed definition for spirituality because spirituality means different to different people.

How Spirituality is Beneficial for Your Health?

It is found in studies that spirituality has many health benefits for mental as well as physical health. Here are some health benefits of spirituality listed below:

Spirituality helps in reducing stress:

Spirituality is considered as a stress reliever. It helps you to focus mainly on positive things, leaving negative thoughts behind. It helps you to stay positive with hope and faith of happening, something good in whatever the situation is that caused you stress.

It also helps in reducing depression:

Spirituality is also beneficial in reducing depression, a mood disorder that is responsible for feelings of sadness and hopelessness and thus distracts a person from his/her work and daily life activities. In such situation, spirituality can be very helpful for the people who are going through depression. It helps an individual to focus on positive things and decreasing negative thoughts, feeling of sadness, hopelessness etc.

It helps in having a longer life:

Spirituality also helps one in having a longer life. A study revealed that the people who are religious or spiritual tend to have longer life and reduced risk of chronic health conditions such as cancer, heart problems etc as compared to those people who are not spiritual. Spirituality helps in extending your life because it allows your body and its functional system t work properly for a longer period of time as you get indulged in various physical and mental exercises that very beneficial for your body.

Spirituality helps in the improvisation of your immune system:

The people who are spiritual have greater immune system as compared to those who are not spiritual. When you are spiritual, your mental health gets improved along with your physical health, because you focus on your body, your inner peace, happiness and these positive actions and thoughts help to improve your immune system. When your immune system gets better you gain more capability to fight against various diseases and thus you can live a more healthy and happier life.