What is the new US-Taliban deal?
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The new US-Taliban deal is recently outlined by Mr. Khalilzad in an interview is the culmination of nine rounds of peace talks held in Qatar. Since the fate of Afghanistan hinges on this deal, it is essential to find out what is the new US-Taliban deal. And how it could materialize in a country where the pursuit of peace has been like a wild goose chase.

 Under the deal, the United States would withdraw 5400 of its 14000 troops stationed in Afghanistan, within 20 weeks. Besides, the complete withdrawal will be 16 months. In exchange of the US withdrawal, the Taliban would ensure that Afghanistan would not be used for the terrorist activities for the US or its allies.

A Taliban spokesman confirmed the veracity of the deal, announced by Zalmay Khalilzad, by a text message to BBC. But as peace is itself a hard-earned commodity, which comes at the cost of flesh and blood of human souls, it depends on peace deals as lasting as the celebrity marriages.

Many experts in Afghanistan have concerns over the New US-Taliban deal and the consequences it is likely to bring about. In this, they have a point too. For, when the US top envoy was unfolding the details of the deal, a huge blast in Kabul coincided whose responsibility Taliban had promptly claimed.

These developments make Ejaz Malikzada, a researcher at the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies in Kabul, outline his pessimism over the new deal for peace. He says that nothing is going to change with regard to Taliban-led violence in Afghanistan. He added:

“They say: ‘we’ll fight if we sign an agreement with the Americans, we’ll keep fighting and we’ll kill, no matter what’. So, Taliban have not changed, the only change that I can see is their bombs have got bigger.”

Afghanistan, A Lost War and A Lost Cause!

After 17 years since the US invasion on Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11, the militants are more formidable today than ever before. They now control more territory than at anytime since 2001. Their obstinacy is only rivalled by their contempt for the Afghan government, with which they refuse to talk and to whom they deride as American puppets.

Perhaps, the most recent attack was a victory signal by Taliban, whose target was a residential compound, housing foreigners in the most fortified Green zone in Kabul.

Ironically, Taliban seem to be partly following in their rival’s footsteps: The US is known to have pursued a carrot and stick foreign policy. Currently, what Taliban are doing is not much different from the US. For they are pursuing a carrot policy by seeking peace through talk and foreign mediation. Yet, they are also pursuing a stick, nay a bomb, policy is probably aimed at pushing the US, both politically as well as martially.

However, the carrot and bomb policy which Taliban are pursuing is indicative of two trends in the global politics. Firstly, the Taliban are on ascendance and will have a decisive, and may be destructive, role in the future of the country’s politics. Secondly, and probably more importantly, the United State’s path to military glories is reversing, irretrievably and embarrassingly.

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