What is the purpose of life except waiting for approaching death? Opinion

purpose of life

The way the universe operates, nothing seems illogical, and everyone seems to have a purpose of life that he needs to justify his existence.

For a majority of the people who are born, life is a perishable timespan and the one that passes happily if you have money, or miserably if you don’t have it.

True, money is important, nay, it is one of the essential needs in one’s life. But neither it should be associated with happiness or a guarantee of an ideal life, nor should it be assumed as the purpose of life.

Because if you make this an exclusive goal, you might be compromising a lot of memorable phases of life that you could have enjoyed, but which you could not due to your money-minting conditioned mindset.

Make less materialistic goals!

I’m neither a messenger nor a saint, and I’m not immune to the lust for money. I desire to have it as much as you do. Even these words, or pieces of advice, which I’m pouring out right now, is not out of love for writing exclusively; it’s for money too.

But there needs to control our desires that know no bounds and rely on the rapaciousness of man’s animalistic nature.

What is the use of life spent on going after materialistic gains and die before enjoying the exploits?


So why not we make money without making it the sole purpose of life?

What should be your life purpose?

The ideal life is a word that has been spoken so many times and abused so exaggeratingly that it has eventually lost its meaning. It should now be officially termed as a cliché.

So, there is hardly any ideal life. Or, if there is, it has different meanings for different people around the world.

Still, there must be some goals in a person’s life to lead and make his life worth living for, at least.

For me, money is a worry as long as it pulls you of destitution. Once you’re out of it, and competent enough professionally, or cautious enough strategically not to fall inside the hole of poverty, money should become the last thing you need to worry about.

Life is both long and short.

It is long if you’re living a miserable life, even if you have money but not the leisure to enjoy your life the way you like.

Yet, life is short for those who want to live a life as they dreamed of it. Because the yearning is so high that sometimes entrenches fear inside of the people if they would live to realize the life they had wished for.

My life goals!

As I fall in the latter category, I wish to live a life of my dream that includes the life full of books and traveling beside the usual family commitments. Besides, I want to write books after stabilizing myself enough financially, and that urge or goals make me more animated than a person who has yet to identify them.

I reckon man is too dignified to be forced into a machine life that makes you no more than a robot, with the only difference that you can breathe.

So, why not we make life goals to make it more worth living!

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