Which celebrity fads could change your life?

Which celebrity fads could change your life?

Crystal healing, breathwork, and manifestation were all part of my self-care routine in my 20s and 30s. I would spend entire weekends and all my spare cash on facials, mani-pedis, and massages. However, now that I’m 52, I focus more on inner work and spend £4,000 a year on spiritual experts. Some may think it’s strange to embrace the world of wellness, but the global wellness sector, including spiritual self-care, is valued at £3 trillion. In the UK alone, it’s worth £19.5 billion annually.

It’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham recently shared her love for crystals, as the global interest in spiritual practices continues to grow. She conducted a post-full moon crystal washing session to regulate her emotional energy. Kate Moss is also a fan of moon-bathing, while Emma Watson carries tarot cards with her everywhere. The number of spiritual trainers, such as flower healers, astrologers, and crystal advisers, has significantly increased.

The surge in interest in these practices can be attributed to heightened anxiety levels following the pandemic and having more free time. Women in their 50s, in particular, are now able to focus on themselves and their needs, which can be liberating. Personally, I was already exploring these practices when I lived and worked in Los Angeles as a TV producer in my 30s. The city was filled with crystal healers and energy intuitives, and I soon found myself practicing yoga, chiming Tibetan bells, and meditating.

Critics may dismiss these rituals as a waste of money for gullible women, but I can confidently say that they have helped me stay positive and self-confident in a challenging world. Even my husband, who is not typically into these practices, has become a convert. He may laugh at me chanting during yoga, but he now insists on having lavender oil on his pillow before bed. These rituals have become essential for our well-being.If he’s feeling restless, a full moon is approaching. In my opinion, as long as you do your research, considering that much of this industry is unregulated, I firmly believe that all women can also find a new kind of peace. Here are the techniques I rely on, even though they can be expensive.

CRYSTAL ADVISER £45 every two months

It’s easy to dismiss the power of crystals, but they have been used since 4BC and in Chinese medicine as well. Clear quartz is still used in timepieces and measuring instruments because of its precise frequency vibrations.

In crystal healing, clear quartz is known as the “master healer,” which is why I have one in every room instead of candles or room fragrances. It has the ability to absorb, store, enhance, and amplify energy in its surroundings.

I first became interested in crystals in my mid-30s during a work crisis. I was considering leaving my television career when I met a spiritual channeller who had extensive knowledge about crystals. After sharing my troubles with her, she sent me a beautiful “tiger eye” stone, which is said to promote self-confidence and inner strength. I still have it to this day.

Whenever I need to have a difficult conversation with my husband, I always wear a rose quartz because it symbolizes pure unconditional love and promotes harmony in relationships. At the entrance of my front door, I have a discreet black tourmaline stone that prevents negative energies from entering.

There are numerous crystal advisers on social media who offer classes on how to use different stones to improve, change, or repel your current life situation. I consult an expert when I need advice on purchasing the right crystal for someone. Crystals can range in price from £5 to six figures.

BREATHWORK TEACHER £45 every two months

Some may question why anyone needs to be taught how to breathe. However, if you’ve ever experienced a panic attack or suffered from anxiety, you know that being able to focus on and control your breathing is crucial.

During a period of insomnia a few years ago, I learned a breathing technique that helped me control my breathing in bed. This method prevented me from spiraling into panic and ultimately cured my sleeplessness. I use the 4-7-8 breathing technique, inhaling for four seconds, holding the breath for seven, and exhaling for eight.

I have lessons every other month because they are incredibly calming. You can learn new techniques and strategies to manage your breathing.I often experience “monkey mind” when I go for walks, where I tend to over-analyze unlikely scenarios. To combat this, I practice counting my breaths and focusing on inhaling into different parts of my body. This helps me stay present and dismiss unhelpful thoughts.

Every month, I consult with an astrologer to discuss my personal birth chart and what I can expect in the upcoming weeks. I see it as a way to gain an aerial view of how my life could unfold. If you’re skeptical, let me share an example. We recently looked back at my chart from April 2012 onwards, and it indicated that my career would take a new trajectory. This prediction turned out to be true, as I wrote a viral article during that time that led to lucrative opportunities. Thanks to astrology, I now have a deeper understanding of myself.

In the past, I used to dismiss the idea of having potential partners or work partners’ charts done before starting a new relationship. However, my perspective has changed, and I now see it as a brilliant and sensible precaution.

Another technique I use is manifestation, which is based on the belief that if you think and truly believe in something, align your life as though you’ve already achieved it, it will happen. Celebrities like Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey have embraced this practice, and I’ve been using it for decades. I’ve followed suggestions from “The Cosmic Ordering Service,” a manifestation guide endorsed by Noel Edmonds, where you write down your desires. I truly believe that manifesting played a role in me achieving a six-figure salary as a TV executive at the age of 29. I’ve also used vision boards to manifest my current home in France. Even before meeting the estate agent, I had already imagined and visualized the interior of the house.

Currently, I’m working with a manifestation coach to help me manifest my dream of living by the sea. I visit the area I want to live in, constantly discuss it with my loved ones, and even imagine the details like the scent of sea air and the orange trees in my future garden. My coach keeps me focused on my goals and helps me take practical steps to achieve them.

This level of focus, from figuring out how to finance the property to planning the move, allows me to work through the process. What sets my manifestation coach apart from a life coach is that she also incorporates practical steps into the manifestation process.Oracle cards, which cost £50 every six months, are a less intimidating alternative to tarot cards. These cards provide answers to questions and come in various decks such as angel, moonology, and nature. A skilled card reader can determine the best cards to use at any given time. Angel cards, for example, are associated with archangels like Michael and Metatron. They are particularly useful when seeking purpose or facing a crossroads.

Flower, nature, and moon cards are effective in highlighting emotions and feelings. They are often described as opening a door to deeper understanding. In a recent reading, the appearance of the “gecko” card symbolized spiritual transformation, much like how the reptile sheds its skin. This experience inspired the writer to share their thoughts in this article.

Sound healing, which costs £40 per month, is a practice the writer engages in instead of scrolling through social media or watching TV. Sound bath recordings, featuring gongs, windchimes, and singing bowls, have the power to heal. Many women offer these self-composed hour-long sessions and allow individuals to donate what they can, making healing accessible to all. The writer prefers to download and listen to these recordings at their convenience.

Flower readings, priced at £45 every three months, involve using flower essences to balance emotions. There are 38 distinct flower remedies available, and the writer seeks guidance from an expert to determine which ones will be most beneficial. Oak is their most frequently used remedy for stress, while olive is used for exhaustion. Instead of indulging in alcohol, the writer opts for infused water using these remedies. Consulting a practitioner helps them better understand their needs.

For £50 a month, the writer engages with an ascension teacher. Every morning at 6am, they stand outside with their arms stretched towards the sky and their bare feet grounded in the earth. This practice helps them connect with the energy of Mother Earth and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.I express gratitude for the sunrise and send healing energy to those in need, while also acknowledging that I too require guidance and healing as a human being. Over the past few years, I have started following “ascension teachers” who provide insights into the workings of the seasons, planets, and the universe itself. These teachers possess the ability to read the energy of the planets, similar to how some individuals can read the energy in a room. I have followed various teachers who emphasize that there is more to the world than what meets the eye. As a result of their wisdom, I have become kinder, more compassionate, and more attuned to my spirituality.

Gwyneth Paltrow, a prominent figure in wellness, has announced her intention to hire a menopause coach to guide her through this stage of her life. Similarly, I found my own menopause coach two years ago. Although I do not experience any physical symptoms, my coach helps me navigate the psychological aspects of menopause. We discuss the emotions that arise from the end of fertility, especially considering my previous struggles with trying to conceive. In the beginning, we incorporated visualization techniques, such as imagining filling a picture of a womb with beautiful flowers. While my body may not have produced a child for me to nurture, I am still content and in good health.

The total monthly expenditure for the services mentioned in this article amounts to £308.33, resulting in a yearly total of £3,700.

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